Milosh is an iconic figure of Rainbow Six Siege. He is passionate and his enthusiasm for the game delights the audience. He is also an important asset in the world of Rainbow Six commentators because he is fluent in both French and English. This year he will be behind the desk at the Six Invitational and leave his spot as a caster. We met with him to ask a few questions.

Milosh. Paris Major.


Hello Milosh! Could you please introduce yourself?
Hello, I am Milosh and I am one of the English commentator for Rainbow Six Siege Pro League.

It is now the 3rd occurrence of the Six Invitational and the event is more impressive every time. What do you expect from this event?  
This will be the biggest Invitational so far with three times more fans at Place Bell. It is a dream to have an event there, at the center of the Montreal Canadians. I am expecting superior gameplay from the pro players just like we are used to; and more than 1 million dollar cashprize! With how big the game has become in 2018, I believe we will easily exceed the max simultaneous stream viewers of 321k from last year.

This Pro League Season 9 has been full of surprises, especially in Europe, do you think we should expect the unexpected? 
There has really been a change of power in Europe this season. Secret is not playing as expected, first time there is no completely French team in Pro League, but also ENCE who is coming back very strong as well as LeStream and Empire that are beating any team that crosses their path, even a G2 team that is having some difficulties. The Six Invitational is the team to come up with all the crazy strats and I expect tons of surprises, especially from less experienced teams.

In all objectivity, who do you think will lift the trophy this time around?
G2 without a doubt. It is not a few online games that make a difference. They are the most decorated R6 players for all the right reasons and the biggest event of the year is the perfect motivation they need to put everything back in order.

According to you, why should this event not be missed? 
If you like R6, if you like to learn from the best players, if you like esport, if you like pure competition, this is the event not to miss. Lastly, the true winners are ourselves, the fans, the spectators, and esport fans, independently of who wins the trophy.