The news just came out on February 25th on Twitter: the roster previously known under the Mock-It colours, was adquired by Natus Vincere, also known under the nickname 'NaVi'. A new black and yellow team enters the Rainbow Six palette.



In the press release, Yehven Zolatorov (CEO of Natus Vincere) recognizes Marshall Long's professionalism (CEO of Mock-It Esports),  for this transfert. Marshall Long highlights that this change is good for everyone, not only for the players but for the e-sport community as well.

The changes are not limited to the players, but also for the former coach Reaper, who decided to leave the team. He explains in details his decision in a TwitLonger.



Unfortunately for Reaper, his disagreements with the team, especially concerning his vision for the game, does not allow him to keep on coaching them. At least, it is his choice not to continue on, since he highlights that he could have stayed with them in Natus Vincere. He is nevertheless fully motivated to continue the e-sport adventure, ideally as an analyst, even coach. He is an experienced man in his field, and we to wish him to quickly find a new team.


You may ask, who is this organization, Natus Vincere ? It is an emblematic organization of the e-sport scene,  who just arrived on the Rainbow Six scene. This ukranian organization, founded in 2009, distinguish themselves on games like Counter Strike or Dota 2,  games 'well-established' in the e-sport world. But you can also see them on PUBG or Fortnite as well. We have the pleasure to welcome them to Rainbow Six Siege, and we wish that the players will find in this organization a fitting home, to thrive on the game. The organization has yet precised that the final roster will be soon anounced, something we will not miss to inform you about.

Many reactions poped out on Twitter following this announce, included the one of François-Xavier Deniele, e-sport director on Rainbow Six Siege:



As it is the case for many announces, we are already hyped by the perspectives of this change. However we have to wait until March 14th to see what this team will do. Indeed, the Pro League comes back in March and on this day, NaVi will face the PENTA team.

At the moment, the roster is composed of:

 Niklas "KS" Massierer
Jan "ripz" Hucke 
Tom "Vale" Rieder
Lukas "korey" Zwingmann
Pascal "Cry1NNN" Alouane

Remplaçant : Bryan "BakaBryan" Tester
 Coach: Lasse "Lazzo" Klie