The French organization Overtime announced, on Sunday 26th August, its return with a brand new team.

Until now, the structure has not participated in any Rainbow Six competition since last September. Indeed, despite a good journey in Challenger League, the team broke up (at the time composed of Kaktus, Ninjaz, Jugger, Kendrew and Gomfi). But the new team definitely intends to be a part of the Challenger League again.

The team started/constituted about 6 months ago. And they consider themselves more as a team of good friends who gets into the competition.

We met with Valkja, for her to open up about this new adventure.

ESIX : What has been Overtime’s experience with Rainbow Six Siege competition ?

Valkja : It was mainly GO4 (Top 1 GO4 128, Top 1 monthly GO4 April, Top 2 GO4 130…) ! With this roster, they only passed the Challenger League qualifiers, and it went well ! They attempted the Major qualifiers as well, without success, but they were in the playoffs top 16 and top 4 open ladder, they were eliminated by Team Secret.

ESIX : Until now, the structure has had a team on console, is the new team the first on PC ?

Valkja : No, there was another team on PC which was composed of Jugger, Kaktus, Kendruw etcetera… (former Method). However the structure preferred to have a French team for its new recruits.

ESIX : What about you, how do you see the manager’s role ? Can you present your
team in a few words ?

Valkja : I have two roles in the team, both substitute and manager. It is my first time managing a team, and it is not my vocation. At first we decided it because we’re all friends, and I wanted to give them a hand. But it is far from being a role I love, I still want to play. Dareeal, Drek, Aurel and I have known each other for years, we were in the same structure. We never really had any results. Connor had played the Pro League Y1S2 with Unknights, Voiid had an analyst experience with Millenium, Anarchy had won a tournament with Bam esport.

ESIX : Since when has the team constituted ? How did it happen ?

Valkja : The actual squad started in October 2017, Anarchy joined the team two months ago, Voiid one month ago. I have been playing with them for more than a year, that explains why I choose to be a substitute, but I have managed for two months now. It really started as a friends’ team.

ESIX : To you, what are the qualities a team needs to progress and compete ?

Valkja : Motivation, team work, and mountain !! (group answer)

ESIX : Do you already have goals to achieve ?

Valkja : At first, we wish to stay in the Challenger, then we would like to participate to the Dream Hack, and maybe to attempt the Six Invitational qualifiers !

The composition of the roster is :

Hugues  '@Arth_R6S' Dagallier
Aurélien '@AurelR6S' Péan
Allan '@ConnoRR6S' Roudot
Adrian  '@DaReeal_R6S '  Alili
Gwendhal '@Anarchy_R6S ' Vallée

-Manager and substitute-
Marion '@ValkjaA' R.

Lucas '' Drake Del Castillo

Joseph '@VOIIDR6S' I.

Lastly, a few words from the structure about the new recruitment of this roster, as well as its opinion on what’s to come.

« We can see it going well, we trust our players, we know there will be a lot of work to do during this high leveled Challenger League. We are confident, it is a young and talented rising team of the French scene. They have the will. There is a good working spirit and a very good team cohesion. They work hard. We are very happy with the acquisition of this team ! We couldn’t have dream better for our comeback ! »