German player ‘Paralyzed’ aka ‘Paraa’, joined T3H’s line-up, as announced on Twitter by the organisation on Wednesday 29th.

Previously, Paraa was part of the OrgLess’s line-up. But after a disagreement with his teammates regarding choosing an organization, he left the team. He expressed his thoughts about this in a tweet-longer.

T3H has had a Rainbow Six Siege team only for a few months. The players have not had to taste the Pro League experience yet, but they managed to reach 4th place in the Challenger League Season 4. They also took part in a few tournaments such as Dream Hack Valencia 2018. Paraa could indeed give a breath of fresh air and galvanize the T3H team !

We talked with him about his perspective on joining the team :

ESIX : First of all, when did you get in touch with T3H ? How was meeting the other players ?

Paraa : I played with one of the T3H guys (Aranion) in PkD and I knew Kivvi from offline tournaments. So after they heard that I left OrgLess they asked me if I'm interested to join them.

ESIX : You already have a Pro League experience, how is it for you to start over ? Do you think you will all be able to get at this high level ?

Paraa : Meepey, Lacky, Stizze, Elemzje and Leongids showed that everything is possible. All of them lost their PL spot (some of them with different teams) and they created a new team to qualify for Challenger League. They won every single game in Challenger League and now they are a top3 EU team in Pro League. My situation could be worse. I couldn't show my full potential in the end of OrgLess because I was ingame leading with fragger operator (this combination is not good to show people / teams what you are capable of). So I'm happy that I can focus on myself now again with a new team. I'm optimistic that I will find my way back in to Pro League again and hopefully with this team. I'm having fun again playing the game after month and I'm more motivated than in the last couple months with the old team.

ESIX : Does it change something for you to be in an English speaking team ? How do you deal with it ?

Paraa : I can understand English way better than I can speak or write it so it takes a while till I'm used to it to talk in English, but I'm sure that I'm ready for Challenger League when it starts. Right now I talk 6 times a week for 5 hours a day english so it will be fine !

ESIX : What are your goals to achieve now ?

Paraa : My goal is to qualify for Pro League again this season and I wanna qualify for Six Invitationals 2019. With the right mindset and hard work, things like this are possible ! :)

The team roster is as follow :


Alexander ‘Oraghon’ Bolsun

Karlo ‘PrydzZ’ Wenz

Kevin ‘aRanioN’ Haier

Ferenc ‘SirBoss’ Mérész

Christian ‘Paraa’ Can


Julien ‘Kivvi’ Serrier


We wish them the best for the future !