The matches between the two winners and two losers of LATAM's group A took place yesterday night. One of these matches already gave us the name of one out of the two finalists. Here is a summary of the night for you!


 BootKamp Gaming faced Black Dragons for the first match.

This was the match of the winner bracket which naturally set expectations quite high.

The teams banned the following maps:

BootKamp Gaming Black Dragons
Kafe Dostoyevski Coastline
Chalet Skycrapper
Border Clubhouse


The two picks and the remaining decider map were:

Consulate (1) Oregon (2)

BootKamp started their defense in a more or less original way. While many teams chose to defend the top of the building first, they went with garage and the usual setup with an added Castle. Black Dragons were playing as usual with Julio as Blitz and won the first round with an efficient roam clearing.
BootKamp crushed straight into the top defense of BD during the second round even if the latter didn't have any roamer.
After a rough start, BK managed to win their piano defense in spite of a great perforance from Kamikaze (BD) during his 1v4 clutch attempt.
The fourth round went to BK with a fluid attack on the same site.
The garage defense from BK was unfortunately rapidly taken down with their opponents not even needing to plant the defuser.
The BootKamp push on BD's top defense worked very well even if it resembled a "YOLO" strategy more than anything really refined.
Black Dragons ended up winning the last two rounds in a row ending with a beautiful plant denial by Echo. They won the map 5-3.
In then went onto Black Dragon's pick: Oregon. The first round unfolded very fast with a 20 seconds plant from BootKamp, a fun strategy than let them win the round.
A lot of trades happened during the second round that saw Black Dragons coming out on top with an agressive push that wasn't met with quite enough defense on the bombsite.
The basement attack from BootKamp was successful most notably thanks to a good use of Blitz and a typical LATAM roam clearing.
Thanks to a super action from pzdd and his Brearing-9 (Hibana), BD wins the next round thanks to a good timing and a rush from this exceptional player.
In spite of a small amount of utility, Black Dragons easily beat the attack of BK on the top bombsites, the latters indeed didn't have enough time to plant the defuser.
The last map finally went to Black Dragon 5 to 1.
The effort from BootKamp wasn't enough to beat the acclaimed Black Dragon team who won the match 2-0 (5-3 / 5-1).

Black Dragons statistics :

Joueur Kills Deaths +/- K/D
Julio 12 6 +8 2.0
Wag 9 8 +1 1.13
pzzd 12 10 +2 1.2
psycho 7 10 -3 0.7
Kamikaze 12 7 +5 1.7

BootKamp Gaming statistics  :

Joueur Kills Deaths +/-  K/D
Dudds 9 7 +2 1.3
MKing 8 8 0 1
eSeiya 5 (+1tk) 9 -4 0.6
Intact 17 10 +7 1.7
Lipe 4 9 -5 0.4


The second match of the night opposed Red Canids  and Team oNe esports :


The ban phase went as follow:

Red Canids Team oNe esports
Coastline Skycrapper
Bank Consulate
Chalet Kafe Dostoyevski


The picks and remaining decider map were:

Border (1) Oregon (2)
Border began with a successful, albeit tight attack from Red Canids on the server bombsite. The defensive gameplay from their opponents ended up being fatal for them since the RC planted the defuser out of reach from the hatches.
During the second roung, Team oNe used their Lion in an effective way which let them get an easy win against the top defense.
The following rounds were very close, Team oNe exhibited a very vertical gameplay which allowed them to get impotant kills.
The third, fourth and fifth rounds went back to back to each team with two perfect attacks from Team oNe bringing back the score to 3-3.
The back and forth kept going until the eigth round during which RC played an unusual Security Room defense, spicing up the match.
It's only after a constant balancing of the scores that Red Canids ended up winning the map 6-5.
Oregon was the map where the recent meta was the most used with Lion, Dokkaebi and Ying being fully utilized by Team oNe and bringing them success in their attacks.
Despite a few tight rounds, Red Canids are overwhelmed by the successful attacks and defense from T1. Well aware that their careful gameplay wasn't leading them anywhere against their opponents, they tried to galvanize their gameplay which let them win their top defense.
Team oNe ended up winning the map anyway bringing the overall score to 1-1.
The decider map was Club House. The first mop is perfectly executed by Red Canids who surprisingly used Kapkan for their downstair's defense, stealing precious life points to the attackers.
The confrontations are tighter with a seemingly better mindset from RC.
Team oNe finally won this thrid maps 5-2.

Team oNe statistics  :

Joueur Kills Deaths +/- K/D
iblackZ 30 14 +16 2.1
ion 24 14 +10 1.7
Panico 21 13 +8 1.6
GdNN1 12 14 -2 0.9
hugzord 9 16 -7 0.6


Red Canids statistics:

Joueur Kills Deaths +/- K/D
MEG4 12 19 -7 0.6
Aio 12 18 -6 0.7
geRe 15 17 -2 0.9
Jasons13 13 20 -7 0.7
Mity 17 21 -4 0.8