A new operation is always a mixture of excitement and apprehension. What are the new operators going to be? How are we going to progress on the new map? So many questions that we are all eager to answer by playing the new content as soon as possible. As seen in the trailers, Ubisoft take us to Australia! And we welcome “Burnt Horizon” with two new operators, Mozzie as a defender and Gridblock on attack.

On Sunday, during the Six Invitational, the panel told us all about those new operators and the new map. We saw X explain what has been done in the past couple of months to prepare for Burnt Horizon.

  • Gridlock (Attack): “Queen of Spades”

Characteristics: 3 armor / 1 speed | Primary weapon: F90 / M249 | Gadget: Breach Charge / Smoke Grenade.

Gridlock is very surprising, she deploys traps that looks like spider webs equipped with spades. With this wonderful mechanic, she can inflict a lot of damage to her opponents, even more when they are surrounded. It resembles what Lesion already does but relies on zonal damage. Her trap  can cover a rather large area and can be detonated after the 1st one gets deployed. It is also possible to throw them at traps as a more subtle way to affect enemies. Any weapon in the game can destroy the traps as well as explosives but beware of making too much noise….

  • Mozzie (Defense): “I will steal your drone”

Characteristics: 2 armor / 2 speed | Primary weapons: SMG / Commando 9 | Gadgets: Barbed wire / Nitro Cell.

The hacker family is getting bigger with the addition of Mozzie! Mozzie can hack attackers' drones with the aid of a gadget that looks like a tiny spider. You can drop them during the preparation phase, and just like the gameplay trailers are showing, the gadget jumps on the drone and hacks it. Interesting fact, it can also hack Twitch’s drone and use it to the advantage of the defense. The light of the hijacked drone becomes blue. Dokkaebi can however pick the hijacked drone back up.

  • The map : Outback

Outback is an L shaped map with 2 stories. There are a lot of destructible walls, however it will be more of a horizontal map rather than a vertical one since a lot of floors are indestructible.