On March 9th, Ubisoft officially announced on Twitter that four new Dreamhack events were being added to the competitive Siege circuit. These events will be open to everyone, from Pro League players to passionnate players who have little to no esports experience. The cashprize will however not be very high, as $50.000 will be available to win at each competition.

As a reminder, Dreamhack hosts the biggest LAN events in the world, at which shows and concerts bring gamers from all over the world together. In 2014, 26.700 people came to Jönköping for the occasion. The importance of this news for the development of Siege is therefore easy to understand!

The following events will be part of the Dreamhack circuit:

   - Austin (US), June 1st-3rd 2018
   - Valence (ES), July 12th-15th 2018
   - Jönköping(SE), November 30th-December 3rd 2018
   - Location TBD, early 2019


While the events are open to everyone, Pro League and Challenger League teams will go through a different registration process than the greater public. However, if you want to take part, keep in mind amateur teams will not be provided with PCs, so you will have to bring your own setup. The number of slots is also limited, so be quick to register!

The most exciting news is that the best amateur team will get a chance to play against Pro League and Challenger League teams in the playoffs! A great opportunity to be under the spotlight for those with ambition!

The news was very well received by the community during the Invitational and after the Twitter announcement.

You can register for the different events by following this link: https://dreamhack.com/