After a rather quiet end to 2017 and the Six Invitational in early 2018, the Pro League is finally back!

The first games were played on Monday evening in North America. In case you did not manage to catch them live, ESIX will bring you a small recap of every game.

The first game saw Evil.Geniuses  face Ronin Esports  

The first map is Bank, on which EG start on attack and immediatly pick the new operator Lion. Canadian kicks things off with the opening kill of the game. Evil.Geniuses get the defuser down quickly and Canadian's players win the round a few seconds later. On the second round, Ronin go for the same choice of operators. Not a great choice, since E.G win it quite easily. The following rounds are much alike, and Ronin Esports, who are shortly not helped by the departure of two of their players earlier this week, lose 5-0.

The following map is Oregon, and it starts just like Bank, as Evil.Geniuses win the first three rounds. The streak is then finally stopped as Ronin get their first round on the board, and quickly their second too. A comeback is in the air, but E.G's player are having none of it. They focus and end up taking the map 5-2.

E.G definitely delivered and confirmed their role as the favourites of the matchup. They won two maps to none and were never really worried. Well played to them!

The second game saw eRa  face  SpaceStation 

The two teams start the game off on Border. eRa begin well as they take the first round. SpaceStation do not however take long to show their motivation as they win rounds two and three. The game is tight, and eRa bring it back to two all. A couple of rounds later, eRa are up 4-2 with two map points in hand. That was enough, as both teams trade rounds and eRa take the map 5-3.

The second map is Oregon, and just like on Border, eRa take the first round. Again, just like on Border, both teams start trading rounds here and there. The situation is eventually inverted as SpaceStation take the lead. They even end up winning the map on a ninja defuse! The final score is 5-3 for the astronauts.

That means the game will come down to the deciding map, Kafe. Once more, we witness a tight contest, where both teams fight tooth and nail. It is finally SpaceStation's players that lead by two rounds and get two match points in the process. One is enough, and they end the context with a 5-2 win on Kafe.

The second game, won by SpaceStation, was a lot tighter, even if the scores do not highlight that. A lot of rounds came down to individual skill (clutches, ninja defuse), at which ST came out on top. eRa will need to get themselves together and focus. As for SpaceStation, they have shown their worth by keeping cool to come back from a map down. Congratulations to them!

More tonight with the LATAM Pro League, which you can watch here:  Official Rainbow 6 Twitch Channel.

Translated by @Chevrotte