Two games were played on Monday, March 26th, as the third week of North America Pro League began. Evil Geniuses faced Spacestation Gaming and SOON TM (ex-ERA) faced Ronin Esports. Here is a quick recap of how it went!

The first matchup saw Evil Geniuses face Spacestation Gaming

Things started off on Club House, a map which is soon to be reworked. Canadian, the in-game leader and captain of Evil Geniuses, brings an IQ straight away to find and counter the pulse. The lack of a Ying is justified by Lion's presence. The first teamkill of the evening comes from Canadian onto nVk but does not stop the attackers from winning the round. Spacestation's players show very aggressive attacking plays which eventually also pay off. Will there is slight variation here and there in the downstairs defense, it remains generally stale, thereby justifying the map's planned reword.
The underdogs put up a good fight against the 2018 World vice-champions.
Lion, who for the record has a 100% pickrate up to now, allows BC (EG) to win a 1v2 clutch after the defuser was planted in church.
Despite always defending the basement in a similar fashion, Evil Geniuses manage to defeat SSG on Club House 6-5.
A closer result than many would have predicted.

Yung's (EG) Montagne plays lead his team to a good start on Kafe, the second map of this matchup. His gamesense allowed him to choose to plant the defuser on the actual bar of the top floor defense in order to avoid being C4-ed by pulse who was playing underneath. Necrox (EG) showcases his skill on Smoke and helps his team win their defense in the secound round by securing a nice 3K.
The third round saw Chala (SSG) do well in a clutch situation, but he eventually did not have time to destroy the defuser and let yet another round go to EG.
Spacestation finally get their first round on the board on Kafe with their fourth attempt at doing so, executing a neat top-to-bottom attack onto Mining/Fireplace in the process.
The following round also seems to be going in their favour, but it was without counting on nVk on Vigil who brilliantly clutches out a 1v3 situation. Evil Geniuses eventually wins the map in a decisive way by beating Spacestation 5-1 on Kafe.

Despite a good showing from Spacestation Gaming on Club House, Evil Geniuses take the series 2-0 (6-5 / 5-1) and go the the regional playoffs as the first seed from group A.

Evil Geniuses  players stats :       

Player Kills Deaths +/- K/D
Canadian 9 12 -3 0.75
nVk 10 13 -3 0.77
Necrox 15 11 +4 1.36
Yung 17 9 +8 1.89
BC 13 10 +3 1.3

Spacestation Gaming  players stats :

Player Kills Deaths +/- K/D
Chala 18 11 +7 1.64
Daave 12 14 -2 0.86
Trippen 4 13 -9 0.31
Thinkingnade 11 12 -1 0.92
Redeemer 9 14 -5 0.64


The second game of the evening was SOON TM against Ronin Esport 

The second game's first map is Border. Two bombsites see at lot of play at high levels of Siege, armoury and workshop. Ronin Esports opt for the latter on their first defense, a choice which unfortunately does not pay off despite impressive plays by Yellow on Vigil. The secound round sees SOON TM win their top floor defense as Benji shows nice pieces of skill on Bandit.
Cookiez (Ronin) uses to same operator in the next round to clutch out a 1v2, allowing his team to come back to 1-2.
As the map goes by, one thing is for sure : Lion is truly shaping out to be the must-pick operator in this season's META.
A few improbable plays later, such as a C4 by pulse from underneath getting denied by a perfectly timed EMP grenade, SOON TM end up taking the first map 5-2.

The second map is Oregon and kicks off by a teamkill from Bosco (SOON TM) onto Mahman, his mute, in the preparation phase. The defending however manages to make up for that mistake with aggressive plays and takes the first round. The second and third rounds will follow, and Ronin's impressive effort on their downstairs attack in the fourth round is just too little too late.
SOON TM take the final two rounds, in which Mahman (STM) manages a nice double grenade kill, and end up closing out Oregon with relative ease 5-1.

SOON TM will be satisfied with what they have shown as they win the matchup 2-0 (5-2 / 5-1) and go on to face Spacestation Gaming in the decider of group A.

SOON TM player stats :

Player Kills Deaths +/- K/D
Benji 10 5 +5 2
Krazy 8 7 +1 1.14
Mahman 12 10 +2 1.2
Gurmy 7 7 0 1
Bosco 18 5 +13 3.6

Ronin Esport  player stats :

Player Kills Deaths +/- K/D
Cookiez 6 9 -3 0.67
Yellow 8 11 -3 0.73
Talon 11 11 0 1
Billboard 7 12 -5 0.58
Nineline 1 12 -11 0.08

Translated by @Chevrotte