After being deposed from the Pro League and getting back to the Challenger for the most part of the year, Eric "Billboard" Gorski's Onslaught will be back in the 8 best northern american teams, in March, after the beginning of the third year. After this rise, Billboard, the IGL of the team, unveils us his team's journey and evokes the future of the lineup.

ESIX: How did you live your and Onslaught's climb during this year ?

Billboard: Yes, well personally, for myself, I was an underage player, I started the game and I have been playing since alpha but I only turned 18 this recent august. So I have been around the scene and I knew all the pros and the NA scene, played at a competitive level in the other leagues and scriming other teams to keep myself ready for when I would turn 18. So to be able to find a team like Onslaught was good enough for me and as much as I wanted to find a Pro League team to start with, I got very happy with Onslaught and I was very confident i
in our roster to be able to make it pretty far and I think we showed we had the ability to get there and we showed it yesterday and it felt really good.

What changes did you make to be back at your current level ?

Well, Yellow and I were the new addition, they got rid of KraZy and Bosco so from my understanding it was a playstyle change because they were more fragging role and I came in as a support/flex so it pushed Talon into a new role because he was the dedicated support and now he is a more a flex as well and we brought in Yellow as one of the main fraggers. Those are mostly the changes we made.

Even though you went through the loser bracket, you have only lost 4 maps during this CL. What made you so dominant? Did you work harder and/or knew the teams you were playing?

I think it was a combination of both because we started off pretty rough as people would know and be barely scraped the win on our 1st match because we were getting used to each other, like when Yellow and I joined it was pretty close to the season starting, maybe only one or two weeks away. So we had to build synergy as quickly as possible in preparation for the first match up which luckily we were able to make it through. Then we got the second one and we weren’t quite developed enough so we ended up not winning and this gave us a slap in the face about the fact that we needed to work harder. So have been scrimming more from there and our main focus was our communication like roaming targets and this is still something we need to work on and perfect but I would say it was something that we improved over the season and that helped us to secure our final wins and to be able to win our spot on Saturday.

Now that you are back in the higher league, what would you focus on next or what is the next goal?

Well, our short term goal is we have to worry about winning over Flipsid3 Tactics as we have a seeding match against them and that is actually pretty important one in terms of the season because the winner of the seeding match plays 1nFamy first in the season and the loser plays Evil Geniuses or former cTm so... it is a pretty clear area about who you would rather play and we would rather want to play 1nFamy over Evil Geniuses so if we can manage to win that game it will be huge and it not, it is not a huge deal as we are still in Pro League.

But after that, it will be basically trying to qualify for 6 Invitational and from there, we are in the weird limbo part of Rainbow Six where we are waiting for the next season after the 6 Invitational and if you don’t make the Invitational you are stuck there. So it will be us perfecting the game, all the issues that we had during the qualifiers such as our communication. The Invitational will be hard to do, there is only one online qualifier and the rest are wild card teams so it is a little random to be picked for that and if we do, it is great but I doubt it. We will be working hard on the Invitational and the seeding match and preparing for next season.

If, unfortunately , you do not make it to the 6 Invitational, what would to do between your next match and March?

Right now, we are in CCS, which is a lower league and we have that to pass the time and since nothing will be going on we would fully strat on it if we wanted to even though it might be on film or at least give us a chance to build more our synergy. I think this is our biggest problem right now, not necessarily our strats but be able to trust each other at all times and duo-ing on the roaming game and knowing how to collapse perfectly when the take is about to go down. So, I think CCS will help us with that and other than that us trying to scrim whoever we can but it will be a slow season like for anyone else. 

I think this is all, do you have something else to add?

Thanks to our organization Onslaught, they have been very kind to us and they treated us really well. It has helped us get where we are now. Also the charm in the game is helping us a lot, of course all my teammates. I think we have a lot of progress to make but we have already made a lot of progress as well and getting into the Pro League is the first step and now we are on the final climb to try and make it higher up.

Therefore, Onslaught's players still have some work to do before March, and they have some short term and mid term goals in order to reach the Pro League requirements.

We once again thank @Billboard and his  org @Onslaught for making this interview possible.