Today the first two games of the play offs will take place. Both matches are of an underdog facing a favorite. They will start with Continuum playing against Most Wanted, and continue with 1nFamy versus Rogue. 

   Continuum   vs   Most Wanted   

The first match of the evening is going to be, on one hand a well known organisation of the Rainbow Six scene, Continuum, and on the other hand, Most Wanted, an org that arrived at the beginning of the season with a new roster.


MW came to the league because eXcellence gaming, previously leaded by FoXa, disbanded. The canadian org adquired BitterSweet roster''s, and made Chala, a well known player, team captain. MW wasn''t expected to be at this stage in the competition for their first season but they did really well at the beginning of the season. Indeed, even if the lost against KingGeorge''s lineup (0-2), they beat the vice world champion Elevate (2-1/2-0) twice which is remarkable considering they''re playing their first season.


cTm, lead by Canadian, had many good players in their roster, such as KingGeorge (currently playing for Rogue and on the bill for tonight''s second matchup). After the team won the 6 invitational, they had a run out, playing well but well not enough and ended up getting 5-6th place, which was not good enough to go to the playoffs but they did not have to go to relegation matches. They finally joined back the top 4 of their area thanks to two 2-0 wins in group phase, the first one against Flipsid3 Tactics and the second one against Era.


Both teams did a very good season and are preparing for a hard match. Continuum has the benefit of the experience at the highest level and a world champion title when MW still has everything to prove.


      1nFamy   vs   Rogue        


The second matchup of the evening is very similar to the first one: an underdog versus a favorite. 1nFamy was not expected to be at this level of the competition whereas Rogue never failed before the LAN. 


1F arrived in Pro League because they won the first season of the Challenger League. As most teams that went from CL to PL, they played the relegation matches in season two and won. After this, nobody was expecting them this high up in the league with their - almost - perfect journey. Indeed, of the three matchups they had to play, they won two of them, twice against Era (2-0/2-1) and lost to Continuum (0-2). With as strong of a  roster as theirs, composed of famous players and lead by Beastly, we can ask ourselves if they have a chance to beat the steady Rogue.


KingGeorge''s lineup has multiple qualities, one of the most important is steadiness. Actually, since the roster''s creation they did not fail before a LAN. This season, once again, they did not make one single mistake and they have not lost a single map. They got rid of both World Best Gaming and Most Wanted 2-0. They are, of course, 1st of their groupe, before MW. 


The ex Challenger League players will have to have a very strong game to get rid of KingGeorge and his team. Talking about Rogue, they don''t have the right to fail if they want to pursue their progression. 


Tonight''s matches are important to watch because both results can really be surprising. Rogue has had a really clean progression since the roster''s creation: two seasons, two LAN. On the other hand, cTm has regained his its gameplay and they are the favourites. On the outsider''s side, both team achieved a really good season and can create a surprise. Watch it live on, starts at 8pm EST