It is now time to turn towards the finalists of the previous Six Invitational, Rogue. They were playing under the name eRa Eternity when they fell short against the now Evil Geniuses. They joined Vertical Gaming in the meanwhile and got picked up by Rogue shortly before the season 2 world finals of the Pro League. The last season was somewhat disappointing for them as they did not qualify for the world finals. For this year's Six Invitational, Rogue had a shot at the qualifiers. Their defeat to Reckless in the quarter finals did not mean much as they were later granted a wildcard spot for next week's event in Montreal.

Most of you participated last year in the Six Invitational under eRa Eternity and you ended up 2nd, which is the same position as the first two seasons of NA Pro League. However, you were still able to participate in the final phases of the Pro league. Both lans ended up being pretty short since you lost vs. V3 Master during season 1 and BRK e-Sport during season 2. Is there anything different with how brazilian teams play?

Overall I don't think the Brazilian play-style is as different from the North American or European meta as people seem to think, every region has its share of aggressive teams. That being said both the V3 Masters and BRK e-Sport roster's that knocked us out of the playoffs in Y2S1 and Y2S2 were incredibly well prepared with setups to counter their opponents and that was something we were not prepared enough for at that time.

Shortly before the season 2 finals, you join Rogue, a well-known organization with high level teams in other games. What changed coming from a more humble structure?

As a result of us joining Rogue just a matter of days prior to the gamescom Y2S2 LAN, at first the organization change simply provided us more stabilit, but in preparing for the 6 Invitational they prepared a week long bootcamp for us, the first time this roster in any iteration has been able to properly prepare with a bootcamp before a LAN.

Last season, you did not qualify for the finals even though the qualifiers went well. How did you move on from losing to 1nFamy in the semi-finals?

The regular season of Y2S3 started off really strong for us, winning games 2-0 over WBG and Most Wanted. But in the playoffs, we underestimated Infamy and they came in with a great read on our game plan. Unfortunately with the format change, despite finishing 3rd in NA we did not qualify for LAN. That being said we've definitely both changed and improved as a team since that loss, making a roster change to bring in easilyy from Infamy as well as making adjustments to our play style.

At the end of last year, KingGeorge said he was leaving the competition due to personal reasons. Why pick Easilyy to replace him?

Easilyy was someone we have always respected for his game-knowledge and consistency in supportive roles. Bringing him into the roster allowed us to make much needed changes in our play style, helping us catch back up the meta where I think we had fallen behind in Season 3.

You have been invited to the Six Invitational. Had you not been invited, would bigger changes have occured?

No changes would have been made, unfortunately with roster lock deadlines we had to restructure our team with a new player in a very short amount of time before the closed qualifiers.

You will first be facing Mindfreak from Australia. You are the favorite team in this match up, how will you prepare to face them?

Were going to pay attention to the differences in approach that APAC region brings, but ultimately we are going to play our game and focus on our strengths. We have a deep map pool this time around which should put us in a strong position to play our strongest maps.

The other game in your group is Team Liquid vs. ROOM FACTORY. What do you think about them as potential opponents? Could it be the time to get even with Team Liquid?

We're looking forward to the rematch vs. Team Liquid, the loss at Gamescom was a frustrating one in that we made the mistake of banning ourselves away from the strength of our map pool to try and abuse certain aspects of their play style. This time is going to be different, both of us have slightly different rosters, but we are absolutely looking to get out of this group undefeated.

After the group phase, what results are you hoping for to be satisfied with the Six Invitational?

This team absolutely has what it takes to go the distance in the 6 invitational, the core of Avian, Ecl9pse and Slashug were here last year under the eRa banner and narrowly lost to Continuum in overtime in the grand final. This time around we are here to win the whole thing, that is the only result we'll be satisfied with.

Lastly, who would you pick as an outsider team capable of achieving a really good performance?

I think that a lot of people are underrated Supremacy in Group C. They are a veteran team with a core that has been around since their days on xbox and have extensive LAN experience across the board. They are absolutely in a group where making playoffs and potentially even making it out of the quarter finals is a possibility. In the past they have run a relatively unique style of a very heavy, but measured roam clear and strong executes late in round that could definitely give unprepared teams trouble. I look forward to seeing what they are able to do against group favorites Black Dragons.

As a reminder, Rogue is composed of:

John "Avian" Ackerly 
Tyler "Ecl9pse" McMullin 
Oliver "Slashug" Spencer 
Bryan "Bryan" Agema 
Kevin "Easilyy" Skokowski 

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