It is now time to turn towards one of the underdogs of this competition, ROOM FACTORY. The Russian team has been gaining momentum throughout the year and came first in the last season of Challenger League. They were not favourites for the Six Invitational qualifiers but certainly had a chance to take given the level they had shown previously. They took that chance by beating Team Requiem, sO-On and Patokalipsa in the bracket, which ultimately granted them a spot in what will be their first international LAN event.

Noone expected you to go to Montreal for the Six Invitational, you are also not used to the competitions with the largest media coverage and you are not well-known to the community. Could you please introduce the team to the people who are not familiar with you?

ROOM FACTORY is a Russian esports team primarily active in Rainbow Six Siege. The team was known before as "New Existence Esports" as a full Russian roster. Last season the team finished 1st place in the Challenger League. Recently qualified and did very well in the Six Invitational qualifiers and playoffs. The team mainly consists of four Russian players, and one Swedish player that got picked up in Y2S1 of CL.

Even though most of the team is from Russia, you do have REDGROOVE who is from Sweden. How do you communicate with each others?

REDGROOVE: The communication itself within the team is not that big of a problem as people may believe. We generally understand each other quite well. Everyone in the team is capable of making the calls in English. Just for that reason we dont have any major big problems with the communication. The team is also free to make any russian calls when im not alive. Clearly, it would be much faster and easier to communicate in a native language but we do our best with what we have.

Since you entered the Challenger League back in season 2, you made it to the 4th and 1st place but you were not able to qualify for the Pro League. What do you think you’re lacking to get to the next level?

REDGROOVE: After finishing CL Y2 S3 I really believe that we've made a lot of improvements within the team. Picking up JoyStiCK in replacement as an entry-fragger and great roamer has been really beneficial overall. As well as working with more freedom and player ideas in private games. We have 5 really good players that are capable of big plays at any time, now we just need to keep training and improve the general mistakes.

Rainbow Six does not seem to be well developed in the CIS scene. Before you, E2 Esports/Most Wanted played the first season of the Challenger League before disappearing from the scene. Do you think that the CIS scene is evolving or is there a blockage in the region?

ShepparD: Russia is divided for 2 part's: west and east. West part have good connection to the eu server's (40-60 ping) and east part have sometimes bigger than 100. Of course it's evolving by little steps, but not fast as we want.

You were never in danger during the qualifiers for the Six Invitational. Knowing how homogeneous is the level in Europe, did you expect to have such a good performance?

REDGROOVE: Our constitutional goal going into the qualifiers was to qualify for the Six Invitational. With the recent roster change Ithought it would take some time for JoyStiCK to adapt, learn our strats and be able to play to his fully extent but he had no extreme problems. We had our problems during the qualifiers, but we worked on them quite quickly. I really do think all the ladder matches helped a lot with the establishment of our new foundation and the result we had in the playoffs.

Now that you are qualified, you will start by facing Team Liquid. It is your first international LAN, first non-european team to battle. How will you prepare for it? And how not to lose your footing?

JoyStiCK: For us it will be a very important meeting, since this is a team from another region and we would like to show what we are capable of, if we play our game and we will not worry, we will be able to show a decent result, and everything depends on how the teams will prepare individually for their opponents, I mean watching the demo and changing the strats depends to their opponents.

After the first obstacle, you will need to either face Rogue or Mindfreak to advance. Which team would you prefer to face and why?

JoyStiCK: This question is difficult to answer because we have not met with teams from other regions and I can not say which match will be easier or more difficult, but i think rogue have more experience in pro scene.

Do you have a precise goal for the Six Invitational?

REDGROOVE: Win, do our best and enjoy the moment.

Lastly, if you had to bet on a team capable of winning it all who would it be?

JoyStiCK: This question is also difficult to answer as the previous one, it all depends on the preparation of the opponents, but I can say that the experience in major competitions from the favorites solves I would bet on Penta and Ence and EG.

As a reminder, ROOM FACTORY is composed of:

Zahar "PWN3F" Sinyavcev 
Artyom "Shockwave" Simakov 
Rasmus "REDGROOVE" Larsson 
Artur "ShepparD" Ipatov 
Daniil "JoyStiCK" Gabov 

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