With the Paris Major coming up, we have been able to ask Bosco from NA team Obey Alliance a few questions.

Could you introduce your team?

Dylan "Bosco" Bosco - IGL/Support/Anchor; Adam "Adam" Ameiche - Support/Flex; Sam "MahMan" Pak - 2nd Entry/Roamer; Alex "Skys" Magor - Entry/Roamer; Benjamin "Benji" Butler - Flex/Anchor

You qualified for the Six Major in Paris but has started the season with some difficulties, what changed?

The changes we made were for the long run.
We still have struggled in the Pro League and are currently last place, but the format is different. BO1s are just simply not the best reflection of a team's true potential. Any team can have a bad map or someone could have a bad day. BO3s require a lot more of a team and are a true reflection of who is the better team (in my opinion). We showed everyone that. We beat every NA pro team in the qualifiers in a best of three series, where we lost a map almost every series, but we still came out on top. Things have just been really clicking for us and the team chemistry is at an all time high.

You made some roster changes at the beginning of the season with the addition of Skys. How did it go after his arrival?

The beginning of the season we struggled with one of our old players. We made a roster change and got the roster we wanted and needed to be successful. We knew it would be a bumpy road in the beginning because the roster was still relatively new including the fresh pick up of Benji only a week or two before the Paris quals. After we got the roster we wanted and got everyone on the right roles that worked best for our team, everything started clicking for the team. Offenses were much more coordinated and smooth.

If you had something to say to your fans, what would it be?

We are all very happy with the roster after all the changes, and we all are confident with hard work and time we can be the one of the best teams in the world.