A few days before the kick-off of the Paris Major, ESIX asked h3dy from Korean team Element Mystic a few questions.

Could you introduce your team?

We started as a amateur team called 'mantisFPS' we've been to Brazil proleague final before as a 2nd team for APAC last year. Now we are under "Element Mystic"

You have had a great start of Pro League this season, how do you explain it?

We started very poor gaming environment but we cheer each other. Trying to believe each other. So i think that is a reason of why I, and my team are growing better and better.

How do you prepare yourself to face the different Metas from the other regions?

We researched other region teams pro league video all the time, it's so unfortunate that we can't scrim other regions player because of ping issue.

If you had something to say to your fans, what would it be?

As we always do, we will do our best at paris major. I hope you guys believe us. Trust us. Thank you.