Crédit : ESL

The Six Major will begin in a few days in Paris, and we have therefore had a chance to ask Magnet from FNATIC a few questions in the lead up to the event.

Could you introduce your team?

Hello we are Fnatic and we come from Australia. Our teams consists of Magnet (Captain and IGL), Lusty (shot caller), RizRaz (Entry fragger), NeophyteR (Entry fragger), Acez (support) and of course Dizzle our manager and coach. Most of us have been together for quite some time now, with NeophyteR joining our team just a few months ago.

You have had a good season so far in the ANZ Pro League, how will you keep it up at the Paris Major?

Despite the fact that there is less competition in ANZ, it means that we are able to hide pocket strats and other certain strategies for internationals tournaments. Apart from this we are constantly trying to adapt and learn in order to become the best team we can be.
This will give us the best opportunity to do well in Paris.

You are the most famous APAC team and carrying Fnatic’s reputation, is this added pressure?

There is always added pressure while carrying fnatic’s prestigious reputation. Despite the added pressure, we always love playing high intensity matches, and are always honoured to wear the black and orange jersey.

If you had something to say to your fans, what would it be?

Thank you for your support! We are also excited to meet our French supporters in Paris.