With the Six Major just down the road, ESIX has had the opportunity to talk to Px and Novys from Brazilian team Immortals.

Could you introduce us to your team?

PxWe have a pretty effective line-up for this major. We are in a test phase and are improving our skills as a team. We have a somewhat aggressive feature that intelligently adapts in game. Our Line is composed by:

- Our captain and entry fragger, our principal IGL, Novys
- Our main support, oNe
- Our second entry and clutch guy, cyb3r
- Our intermediary, 1D1OGO1
- And me, the sixth player and coach
With the support of our manager, Mahamad.
This is our line-up, each player has his personality and skill in game and we are anxious to show what we are capable of because we know that what we have achieved with this team is very difficult to find. Our line is complete in many ways, and we are improving more and more!

You were just picked up by Immortals, does playing for such a big organization add extra pressure to your team?

Novys - There is a greater pressure of ourselves, as players, to want to show results! On the part of the organization is balanced because they understand our evolution.

You have had a good start to this season of LATAM Pro League, but are you planning on adapting your playstyle to the META from other regions?

Novys - I don't think we started well because of the running points, so it is always necessary to adapt for improvement, especially to play with other regions!

If you had something to say to your fans, what would it be?

Novys - Thank you for the support of all who are with us, we always try to give our best to the fans!