With the Six Major just down the road, ESIX has had the opportunity to interview Sexxycake from Team Liquid.

Could you introduce us to your team?

Hi, we are the professional Rainbow Six Siege roster of Team Liquid. A full squad made of Brazilian players.

So far you have an almost perfect Pro League track for this season. How do you explain it?

Yes, our main focus is the Pro League and 6 Major. We knew many things would change with the new meta. I believe the main reason for that good campaign so far is how hard we work to adapt to this meta and how concentrated we are during the matches. We knew some teams would struggle a little bit at the beginning of the new meta, but our coaches worked hard to put us in a good position of the game and mainly to understand how important would be to us to have good results at the beginning of the competition. We hope to remain that way and we know we have a lot to improve as well.

You won the Season 7 Pro League as underdogs due to the fact that you had been eliminated from the qualifiers for the Six 2018. Now you are part of the favorites to win the Paris Major. What is the impact of this status?

It is the same for us. We just want to focus on our game, enjoy the competition, do our best and if our best is enough to win, so be it! We don´t want to push ourselves anymore, that was the main reason we were so bad at the 6 Invitational. All the teams playing the 6 Major are strong and the victory lies in the details. Putting that way we must say we are going to be well prepared and for another team to beat us they will have to play a lot. That´s what we understand we can do and control, the result is just a consequence.

If you had something to say to your fans, what would it be?

We are extremely thankful to them. They believed in us when nobody did. They pushed us to our biggest accomplishment so far and it is because of them that we work hard every day and try to do our best. We can't promise titles, but we can promise we are going to do our best and put all the effort to become champions again.