Crédit : DreamHackR6

With the Six Major just down the road, ESIX has had the opportunity to interview Twister, the coach of Brazilian team Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Could you introduce us to your team?

We are a "traditional" team in Brazil, with players that played everywhere before they joined our line-up, we have the bbhost, V3, BD base with Julio and Wag that joined us on that last org and added a lot to the team!

You were picked up by NiP this season, does playing for such a big organization add extra pressure to your team?

In the beginning it was extra pressure, the team wanted to represente this huge org from esports well, but we didn´t get the results we wanted, but now our head is different and we are here to play our game without any kind of pressure!

You have had a difficult start to the Pro League season, how do you explain that?

Rainbow changed a lot this last season, the game changed, the tournament changed, and some teams changed to better, we had a slow start on adapting to this season but we found our way back and are very confident about our games!

According to you, what will your team need to perform at its best during this Major in France?

The team needs to feel free to play their game in any situation, a lot of bad results we had were because the team was pretty slow or stuck in their playstyle, so we changed it and with this mindset change we will get good results at the six major!

If you had something to say to your fans, what would it be?

Thanks to everyone cheering for NiP, we will try the possible and impossible to bring this Major title to Brazil!