With the Six Major coming up in just a few days, ESIX has had the opportunity to ask CrazyPapiyoN from Japanese team Nora-Rengo a few questions.

Could you introduce your team?

Our team's strengths are cooporateting skill and well calculated tactics. Also we are well balanced between attack and support.

You were impressive during the last Pro League final and narrowly lost against Rogue. What do you feel was missing?

We were so nervous on stage, because we were never on a big stage like that. That nervosity led to some small mistakes and not unerring judgment.

Since then you made some changes, including the arrival of Shin in the team. What does he bring to the team and how did was his integration?

He always plays calmly as usual. That mood brings stability to team. Also, his clutch skill is really good on attack and defence side, that's really helpful for taking the advantage of the opportunity.

If you had something to say to your fans, what would it be?

This tournament is going to be tough but we will do our best to win and we will avenge for last season's pro league finals.