In the lead up to the Six Major in Paris, we have asked French team Millenium a few questions.

Could you introduce us to your team?

The Millenium line-up is made of Liven, our captain, our new IGL Hicks, Renshiro, me and finally Falko who will be standing in for Joghurtzz (who is now our 6th player) at the Paris Major.

We have been playing together since last March and have, among other competitions, taken part in the S7 Pro League finals in Atlantic City.

You have had a great year so far winning DreamHack Austin and reaching top 3-4 of Pro League Season 7. How are you feeling before the Paris Major?

We feel more fragile than before. The game is changing very quickly and is becoming more and more technical, the teams are too and the overall level is visibly going up. We know we will have to produce exceptionnal work both individually and as a team in order to perform at the even. I sincerely believe in our ability.

How are you going to prepare for the competition?

We have been preparing the Major since we have known we were qualified. Strats, teamplay and individual level have all been worked on with the ongoing season of Pro League and recent events like DH Valencia. Our preparation will end in a week-long bootcamp (from the 6th of August) which will allow us to unfold all of our analysis and new unshown strats.

According to you, what does Millenium need in order to perform at the Six Major?

I sincerely think that beyond the preperation mentioned above, what could allow us to be at the top of our game is obviously the crowd! It is well known that a team is always better when playing at home. In football, we say the crowd is the 12th man, and I am convinced that the French supporters in Paris will be the 7th man of every French team!

If you had something to tell your fans, what would it be?

I would say that we are all extremely thankful for their flawless support. Even further, and I will never stop saying it, you are the heart of Rainbow 6 esport and it is thanks to you that we get to be the players we are today. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!