The Six Major will begin in a few days in Paris, and we have therefore had a chance to ask Enemy from Team Mockit a few questions in the lead up to the event.

Could you introduce us to your team?

Hello, we are the Rainbow Six Siege line-up that plays under the Australian organization Mockit. We play in the ESL Pro League circuit as well as in European and International competitions.
The team is made of five players and a coach. We have recently decided to welcome "FiskeR" as the roster's coach. The players according to their roles are "Alive" and "Panix"(Captain) as entry fraggers, "Voy" as a breacher" and "RevaN" and I as flex players. We try our best to be at the top of the competition by training every day and creating new strategies.

Your team qualified for the Major by winning the Coupe de France against Vitality, how did that make you feel?

These Coupe de France playoffs were indeed a real marathon for the team, but it only made winning that title and qualifying to the Paris Major better. It is the most important event for the Rainbow Six esports community, with the 16 best teams in the world, a unique atmosphere, a passionate crowd and a competition. What more do you need?

You have had a difficult start to this Pro League season, how do you explain that?

It is true that our first Pro League matches did not reach our expectations, maybe because we lacked time, we had only just finished the Coupe de France and did not have time to rework our strategies. After that, beginning with the game against PENTA and despite the close defeat 4-6, I have noticed that we are finally more clear-sighted. We maybe were not the best the week before, but it is every day, every week and every match that we have to want some. Time and clear-sightedness.

A Major in France must be something special for the team?

Yes, as I have said before this is a very important event for us, and it is also the first event this big in France. We will be at home against teams from the whole world, we have worked to get there and will work hard to reach the top 3. I do not want any regrets, and to live it fully.

If you had something to tell your fans, what would it be?

We would like to thank them, thank you for supporting us all this time in the good and in the bad moments. We are lucky to have you and will do everything to reward your loyalty at the Paris Major, and do not be too shy to come see us! Thank you!