Just days before the beginning of the Six Major in Paris we met with Team Vitality and asked them a few questions.

Could you introduce your team?

My team is made of Biboo, Spark, Rafale, Brid and myself. It is the story of a bunch of friends that became a family. Through having always been together, be it online or in LAN, we became more than friends. (Spark, Biboo, Rafale and Zephir have been playing together for 2 years already). Then came Heaavens, Bios and Lyloon, and they do an enormous amount of work for us to be at our best during every instant of our professional life and more importantly before every game and competition. 

Between the 8 of us, we are a great team ready to engage in every challenge we encounter. (ZephiR)


It was not easy for you to qualify for this major in Paris. How does the team feel now in front of the french audience going into the competition?

The last 2 months have been very intense in terms of competition, many games played and a lot of preparation. It has been even more than intense, I would say even very difficult to handle for a pro player. We were doing back to back games and it was difficult to prepare for all of them and we did not do it the way we wanted to (I think it was also the case for other teams). Sometimes, we did not have time to train and work on new strats and so on because we always had an official Pro League game, or the OGA Pit or the online qualifiers for the major.

After our disapointment with the French Cup, we did not have time to indulge in self pity because we needed to be ready for the Pro League and we did it. We needed regain trust in ourselves because we knew we had the adequate level to qualify for the major. However, again it was not enough and we failed so close to the goal.

Today we are very proud because that was our short term objective and we made it. Now we have a long road ahead before playing in front of our fans and the french public because we would need to make it pass the group stage.

We are ready and eager to start competing. (ZephiR)


How do you come back from losses such as the French Cup final and the online qualifier?

After a disappointing Coupe de France where we had a perfect run throughout the winner's bracket but ended up losing our only match in the Grand Final, which meant we missed out on the French title but also on the qualification to the Paris Major, the team was really hit hard. We did not recover straight away despite Pro League starting the following Thursday. We got together just on time for the Pro League game and in a crazy week with the Major qualifiers being announced out of the blue. We had planned specific training during that week to come back with more new things in our game but it was not possible because every day we had a match and they were always very important. We lost to IDK in the winner's bracket and then to Edenity in the Loser's bracket. That is when we were really hit hard because that loss meant there was only one way left to qualify for the Major, and that was at DreamHack Valencia. So yes, it is always difficult to get back up after such disappointment, it seems impossible, but in the end as a professionnal competitive player you can not give up, you have to do your best and that is how the team gets back on track! (BiBoo)


Have you felt any of the effects of Bios's arrival?

When he joined it was a big relief for the team, he is even more eager to win than we are. His analysis quickly became essentials and helped us make progress and the DreamHack Valencia result speaks for itself. (Spark)


How does it feel to play the Six Major at home?

To play the Six Major in your home city (Paris) is very special: mix of excitement and pressure. Most of the public will be cheering for French teams, at least I hope! It will be extraordinary to experience it. (BriD)


If you had something to tell your fans, what would it be?

Thank you for supporting us when we win or when we lose. I hope there will be many of you during this Six Major in Paris! #VforVictory (RaFaLe)


Translated by @cyb3line