Last night were the first matches for the European Pro League, and for those of you who may have missed it, here is a quick summary of the matchups between  Mock-It - Penta Sports and Oplon - Millenium.

The first matchup was between Mock-It  vs. Penta Sports 

The first map of the evening is Bank and the Penta players start off very aggressively in defense and take the first round. Come a few back and forth rounds and noone seems to be giving up until Penta opened the gap and won 5-2. 

The second map is costline. And just like on Bank, Penta starts off very strongly imposing their pace and wins two rounds. In the next round the French team, although in difficulty, is able to win the third round. This was still not enough and Penta took over again to win this map 5-1. 

Penta were the favorites and clearly confirmed it by winning this matchup fairly easily. Nice work Penta!


The second matchup was between Oplon    and Millenium  

They start off with Consulate. The players from Millenium, while defending, are playing very aggressively and win the first round within a minute. What a nice way to start! They also win the second round by showing great control in a difficult situation since they win a two versus four with 30 seconds of round left! Angered, Oplon makes a comeback and wins the thrid round in a very clean sweep. Following a few back and forth rounds, at this time Millenium is winning 3-2 and then they take over, open the gap and they win 5-2.

Next map is Chalet, and Oplon are the first to score on this map, they show seriousness and diligence and a great way to come back. A few back and forth rounds are next when one team wins one the others come back to equalize the scores. This goes until round four where Millenium takes the lead with a 4-2 soon to become 5-2.

Even if some of the games were very close and contested, the experience from the players from Millenium was stronger and was probably what made the difference. Congratulations to them.

The results from last night's game were as follow:

Penta Sports, 2-0 vs. Mock-It,
Millenium, 2-0 vs. Oplon.


Translated by @Cyb3line