This new season of Pro League marked the coming of Asia and Oceania for ESL Rainbow Six and expanded the Ubisoft eSport scene to the whole world. After having been through the regional tournaments, last night was the first major LAN for this game with the goal of obtaining a precious spot in the Finals in Brazil. 



    Cryptik  1-2 Eins 


Oregon (5-3)/ Bank (6-5) / Kafe (6-5)


   Cryptik : Quantic, shinbagel, Reveck, Lunarmetal, Ysaera
  Eins: ShiN, SuzuC, OdeNMiso, Aroer1na, Prototype



Cryptik qualified easily for the LAN winning by (2-0) every match they played and finished on top of its region. They demonstrate interesting roaming and strats more similar to metas from other Pro League zones. On the other side, Eins, who finished 2nd in Japan, plays without pressure and in a very chill way, was able to bring doubts for the former EnVyus (Six Invitational), then known as Tyde.GG and now under the Cryptik organization. 


The match-up was not disappointing and Eins were very solid, with in particular, Aroer1na with a 4 kill on map 2 to which they won in overtime. 


The last map was very tense, and again went to overtime. In the last seconds, Eins attacks Quantic and his team: flashes, gunfire, and Eins caused a sensation by eliminating one of the three favorite of this tournament. They, therefore, advance to the semi-finals and demonstrate that they should not be taken too lightly.  On the other hand, Cryptik has shown a performance below the one we were expecting from them and are out of the running for the finals in Sao Paulo.


        Corvidae 2–1 New Life


Frontière (5-3)/  Club house (5-3)/ Consulat (5-1)


Corvidae : Wildman, Fletch, Warden, JackDaddy, RizRaz
New Life : Nova, Bono, MooKhalifa, SmileBoi, Kom


Corvidae, leading the ANZ region, battles New life, second place from their zone. New life wins three rounds in map 1 before conceding it and against all odds, wins the second map. 


However, Corvidae, puts an end to the suspense by winning the last map, (5-1). There will therefore be two ANZ teams going to the semi-finals and New Life is eliminated.



Nora Rengo 1– 2 Mindfreak


Chalet (5-2)/ Bank (6-5) / Oregon (5-2)


Nora Rengo : Vodkq, JeN0bq.nR, Cloud, h3dy, NoTimeGG
Mindfreak : Magnet, Kngz, Pun, Acez, Lusty

Mindfreak rapidly shows higher expertise in the game over Nora Rengo. They are able to accelerate the game play multiple time and take advantage of the lack of aggressivity from Nora Rengo.


The japanese zone champions are not big in the roam game and miss some effective opportunities to attack bomb sites and that will cost them two maps. However, they are still able to win the second map after a spectacular catch up game but it is still not enough to beat one of the favorites of this regional competition.


Mindfreak, therefore, confirms its contender status and advances to semi-finals. Nora Rengo has shown some interesting qualities for their first experience at this level but will need to bring more aggressivity to their well structured gameplay. 



 Mantis – Unique Monster


Consulat (6-5)/ Oregon ( 5-0) / Frontière ( 5-2)


Mantis : Onichan, EnvyTaylor, Neilyo, KhaZiX, SweetBlack
Unique Monster: OMGbbq, Oba, Hyper, HysteRiX, Neojai


After Kryptik being eliminated, Unique Monster is the last team representing SEA in this competition and Mantis the last Korean team. Both teams give us a very well balanced first map with overtime where Unique Monster wins. 


On the second map, Mantis gains a strong advantage by winning (5-0)! On the last map, they slowly gain advantage and win the match up to represent South Korea in the semi-finals, eliminating the last SEA team. 




Résultats :

Nora Rengo 1-2 Mindfreak
Eins 2-1 Cryptik
Corvidae 2-1 New Life
Unique Monster 1–2 Mantis


Demi-finales :

Mindfreak vs Mantis
Corvidae vs Eins



There will therefore be two australian teams, one japanese and one south-korean team qualified for the semi-finals of the APAC Pro League.


The APAC final starts again today at 10am AEDT. The semi-finals winners will join the top 8 teams of the Pro League and head to Brazil. 


Translated by @Cyb3line - NA Social Media for ESIX.