Interviews are back after a well-deserved day off. This time it is with Supremacy. The french team already participated in last year’s Six Invitational but on Xbox One. After Ubisoft’s decision to focus only on PC, the players had to start all over again and from the bottom. It seems to have been just a small setback as they were quick to get to the EU Pro League. However, their first international LAN will be at the Six Invitational, and not the Pro League, since they were able to get a spot from the qualifiers.

You were already at the Six Invitational last year on Xbox One, this year you will be there on PC with a very similar roster. What is your secret to stay together after all this time?

BiBoo: It’s true. To think of it, ZephiR, RaFaLe, Spark and I have been together since the beginning of Y1S3 which is exactly 524 days that the four of us have been together. There are many explanations but the most important one is that we value a lot our life as a team, as our team and that in the end we are friends. More importantly, we are almost like a family and we know that we can count on each other in game or IRL.

After one year of competition, you were able to start from the bottom of the PC ladder and come back as one of the best team in the world as soon as the second season. How was the One to PC transition between?

ZephiR: We decided to make this transition because we really wanted to do great things in R6S. Our goals were as follow: S1-takeover, S2-Challenger League, and S3-Pro League. Finally after a lot of individual work, we were a step ahead and were able to meet our goal as soon as S2. For me, I had never played at a game on PC and my goals and ambitions were what made me become the person I am today.

You still have not been able to qualify for the Pro League finals. What do you think is going to take to get you there?

BiBoo: It’s true that during Year 2 we did not get once to the LAN finals. We can explain it due to the fact that during season 1 we were in Challenger League from our transition. Then we did get the EU Pro League during season 2 but we failed during Gamescom. I think we were missing something, and we thought that with Elem joining us it was going to make it happen. However it was the other way around and season 3 was a fiasco and during the Six Invitational we replaced Elemzje by BriD. We immediately felt the change and the improvement for the team. We really needed a 5th player that fit so the results could follow. Now we re going to the Six Invitational and we can just summarize it all as “we were just missing BriD, haha!”

During the qualifiers for the Six Invitational you showed a new face, more aggressive and it totally worked. Is this due to BriD joining last October?

BiBoo: From the first training session, BriD really brought a lot to the team and we felt the difference as far as communication, everyone own success et the success of the team, the results, motivation and the desire. As far as us being more aggressive, and people noticing it during the qualifiers for the Six Invitational, it is not BriD that brought it but mostly him coming in pumped us up a lot and we worked on our weaknesses as well as enlarged our strategies.

What have you done to prepare for the Six Invitational?

ZephiR: After the ladder and the playoffs we took a little break because it really was an intense run, physically and mentally. To prepare for the Six we have been working really hard to perfect our game and being able to concentrate more on the environment, on dealing with stress and to focus on the end goal once there. Of course we also study the other teams even if there is not much on CLG and Black Dragons for S3.

BriD: To prepare for the Six Invitational we did a lot of pracc, and when I say a lot, it is really a lot. We played every team from the ladder well before it started which gave us an idea on how the teams were going to play later on and how to adapt our strategies with their gameplay. We had to review some strats multiple times so I could absorb them since I am the new one of the group.

Thanks to the luck of the draw, you will face old acquaintances, Counter Logic Gaming. Just as a reminder, you met with them in the semi-finals of the last Six Invitational and they won the encounter. Just like you, the core of their team has not changed, it is time for revenge?

ZephiR: For sure, it brings old memories. We will prepare for this matchup with the same seriousness as any other. However, the stakes are different this time. Losing does not mean elimination and a victory is not a mandatory spot in the playoffs. It will be important for us to be determined but as soon as the game will be over, we will need to focus on the next one, and like that until the end of the competition.

Your group is relatively homogenous since besides the american team there are two brazilians teams waiting for you: Black Dragons and YeaH!. How do you feel about the group?

RaFaLe: It is not an easy group and every game will be like a final, we will give it all.

BiBoo: Our group is not the most difficult one but also not the easiest. Personally, I see it as an “everything can happen” group. All four teams are able to make it out, we will therefore need to be ready to play everyone and give it all for each game.

What is your goal for this Six Invitational?

Spark: For now get out of group phase and then win the Six, I know we are capable of it.

Is there a team that comes out of nowhere and will surprise everyone?

BiBoo: I don’t think there is such thing for this event, there will be some surprises during group phase but I think the names on top of the podium will be the expected ones.

Spark: I think that Room Factory can surprise more than one team in this tournament if they play at their best.

As a reminder, Supremacy is composed of:

Bastien "BiBoo" Dulac 
Adrien "RaFaLe" Rutik 
Florian "ZephiR" Perrot 
Martin "Spark" Eberhard 
Loïc "BriD" Chongthep 

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