A few weeks ago, the Finnish organization Nyyrikki announced that they took different paths with their Rainbow Six roster. The five players and their staff have found a new home at the end of March.

The GoSkilla organization welcomes the famous Finnish players, but we do not know much about them.  


To know more about GoSkilla, we asked a few question to the organization's manager, Giovanni Mangiarotti:

ESIX: When did you start the Team GoSkilla project?

Giovanni Mangiarotti: Goskilla is an idea of our CEO Fabio Biscozzo, and has existed for about 6 months, as soon as I met Fabio I made him understand the potential of an export team at a divisibility level. So I was asked to manage the export team, and I currently hold the role of General Manager and Scout, my job is essentially to make sure that the respective managers of each team do their job, I deal with the economic side and marketing, like a scout, my job is to find new talents in the export scene and decide the next steps regarding the acquisition of a future roster.

ESIX: For how long have you been following Rainbow Six?

Giovanni Mangiarotti: Since the beginning of this project, my initial idea was to acquire a R6 team as soon as possible, being a relatively new game and having a huge success in the competitive scene, this is the perfect game to invest in. This is an ideal investment since the salaries are low compared to how visibility some teams might have. However, it is probably not going to last long, but we wanted to take the opportunity anyway.

ESIX: How did you get in touch with the players? What are the player's qualities you appreciate?

Giovanni Mangiarotti: We had few negotiations with the players, as we were on the same page right away. Our collaboration is also based on the deep trust we all share and the qualities they possess.

ESIX: What are your next goals with the team?

Giovanni Mangiarotti: Our future goal with this fantastic roster is to help them with all the resources we have to improve and reach Pro League as soon as possible. But our main goal is to grow together as a team, we need to take our time though.


I would like to thank Giovanni for his answers, and I wish good luck to the Team GoSkilla!


The roster is now composed of:

  Otto "pannari" Heikkinen
  Teemu "Stigi" Sairi
  Aleksi "Movetaho" Kuoppa
  Oskari "OSKAMOSKA" Huikko
  Jimi "Kalenski" Kallioinen
 Coach "Vapo"
Analyst "rctuh"
Manager "Saltti"