If you are not a German speaker, you may not hear him often, but Markus 'verdipwnz' Lauer is one of the pioneer casters on Rainbow Six Siege. Easily recognizable with his long beard and his shaved head, Verdi is from Magdeburg in Germany. Who between Verdi and zironik have the best beard? That's the real question...

He is always smiling and he communicates his joy with other community members. As the finals in Milan are getting closer, we asked him some questions to highlight this important member of the Rainbow Six scene:


De gauche à droite : Lucian "AgOnY" Kohn, Markus "verdipwnz" Lauer, Tobias "ShatterXx" Richter, Ihno "Harris" Kampen


ESIX: Could you introduce yourself?

Verdi: "Salut je suis Marius "verdipwnz" Lauer, Mon francais est tres mauvaise. I am 33 Years old and I am a trained network technican. i studied informatics and business informatics. I live in Magdeburg Germany with my 2 Dogs Armin & Wilson.

ESIX: For how long have you been casting? What was your job before?

Verdi: My Job before was Working at the Web Based Training Facility for BOSCH. I was Process engineer + Process Administrator. I have been casting games since Command and Conquer 3 TW. I have to be very thankfull to a close friend of mine who pushed me to R6 Casting ;)

ESIX: What are your best memories as a caster?

Verdi: Litteraly every single freaking time i put on the headset - those memories burn into my brain. i cant say wich one was the best. ok that sounds a bit "romatic" but it is like this. each time i cast a match i am 120% into it. resulting to that i never want to forget those moments. Also each time i meet my friends on offline events where i am lucky to be able to commentate at the venue!

ESIX: What are you expecting from those Pro League finals? It is for example the first time since a long time that G2 is not playing.

Verdi: Well those PL finals will be pretty interessting. I want to see if EG improved on the international R6 and i soo much want to see how DarkZero can show up. but in the end - I think Empire will be a huge oponent in the final and probably will win the whole thing. But also seeing Nora Rengo with a new player and FNATIC with Virtue. They are huge. LATAM - well they are just sick when they get the mindset straight.

ESIX: Which teams would you put in the top 3?


  1.  Empire
  2. Immortals/LeStream 
  3. Fnatic

I can't decide on Immortals and LeStream... sorry haha!



Thank you Verdi for your time, and we wish you to have a blast casting these matches!