It is time to talk about one of the most famous faces of the Rainbow Six scene : Parker "Interrobang" Mackay
He has been an official Pro League caster for nearly two years. His sense of humor, his charm and his professionalism have made him a central figure within the Rainbow Six Siege community, and it is with pleasure we will see him at the 2019 Six Invitational. ESIX went to find him in order to ask him a few questions.

KiXSTAr and Interrobang. Paris Major.

Hello Interro! Could you please introduce yourself?  
My name is Parker "Interro" Mackay and I'm one of the ESL commentators for Rainbow 6 Pro League. I started playing Rainbow 6 Siege in January, 2017 and fell in love with the game. My first time casting it was in the early summer of 2017 and then was asked to cast Pro League a couple months later. It's a dream job. 

It is now the 3rd occurrence of the Six Invitational and the event is more impressive every time. What do you expect from this event?   
The first two Invitationals were such extraordinary events but I have a feeling this one will be the best. I imagine the crowd will be massive and loud; the matches will be intense; and Ubisoft will have gone all out on the panels and presentations over the weekend. I like that there has been such a strong focus on the community side of Rainbow 6 Siege. Esports is amazing and I love the passion that the fans bring but the Invitational is a celebration of all things Siege so it's great to see content creators, illustrators, cosplayers, and so on get the love they absolutely deserve

You have been casting Pro League and other major Rainbow Six Siege events for over a year now. How do you feel to have grown as a caster and what would you like to improve on?  
I actually went back and listened to some of my first casts and boy, were they rough. I feel that I've gotten more comfortable in how I pace myself and in the words I use. I had no real training or guidance so I just sort of stumbled my way through casting, trying to teach myself as I went along. Lately my focus has been on providing more specifics without sacrificing excitement or hype. My energy levels are higher, in my opinion, and there is more genuine enthusiasm conveyed in the way I cast. I've also been trying to branch out on wordplay while keeping up a steady pace when the action gets going. I have a long, long way to go but I'm happy with the improvements I've made. A lot of praise needs to go to my co-caster KiXSTAr for providing excellent synergy and lots of knowledge that I can bounce off of. KiX absolutely makes me a better caster.  

 This Pro League Season 9 has been full of surprises, especially in Europe, do you think we should expect the unexpected?  
Every single LAN event we remark on how competitive and closely matched the teams are so I feel I need to say that for the Six Invitational. It's true though! I genuinely struggle with deciding on which teams will make it out of the group stages as all of the teams are so evenly matched. There hasn't been a meta shakeup in a while and teams are all playing so aggressively that the more strategy-oriented rosters are falling behind. Being able to channel that aggressiveness while being coupled with good aim can make the difference in a match or two. I'd imagine there will be some significant "upsets" over some fan favourites at the event.

According to you, why should this event not be missed?  
The Six Invitational is the crown jewel of Rainbow 6 Siege. It's a homecoming of sorts, a celebration of one of the most exciting and unique games on the market right now. The Six Invitational highlights the best teams in the world; the best talent in the world; the best streamers, creators, fans, and viewers in the world. It's not just about esports nor the title of World Champion -- it's about everything that makes Siege the way it is. Ubisoft works tirelessly to ensure every single aspect of the event is top-notch. ESL does the same from a production standpoint. Ultimately, if there's ever a single Siege event to attend: it's the Invitational.

In all objectivity, who do you think will lift the trophy this time around?  
Three weeks ago I would have said G2 but with the struggles they've had lately I'm not so sure anymore. I barely even know which teams will make it out of groups, let alone which team will win it all. A lot of it depends on how the final 8 teams get seeded. I think G2 is probably still the favourite but EG, Team Empire, or Team Liquid could all surprise.