Only one team was missing for the Six Invitational groups to be complete. Not anymore!

The community has chosen : Team Vitality will take the last slot available in group A. It was, however, anything but a walk in the park, as the winner had to fight until the final stretch, having been led by a tiny margin until twenty minutes before the poll ended. The ultimate effort put in by French supporters ended up being too much for the Brazilian community.
This poll went well beyond anybody's expectations!
While we were anticipating a close fight between both of the teams' communities, what we did not expect was the power of both reactions. Brazilian fans reached out for help from important local celebrities who, for some, gave BRK their support. To which the French community, and especially die-hard Vitality fans, reacted to promptly by spamming celebrities. The response really exploded and even more tweets were then sent out to famous Internet influencers, Youtubers, esports professionals, footballers and even politicians!

More than a simple battle between respective fans, this poll ended up turning into a cyber-community war. Some saw the result as an opportunity to remind Brazil of how much they tend to struggle against France, using memes about the 1998 football World Cup final and the 2006 Quarter Final.

Anyway, apart from the great advertisement this was for the game, the French now have good news; They will have two teams to root for at the Six Invitational, Supremacy having already qualified and now Vitality. And much like the poll did, they will have to surpass themselves if they want to come back from Canada with the ultimate trophy.

What can we expect from the Frenchies?

Vitality has taken the fourth seed of group A, dubbed "The group of Death". That nickname seems fair already with the simple sight of both PENTA Sports and Evil Geniuses, but it is not only those two giants, since the last team is 1UP eSports, who have been impressive in the qualifiers and have taken the last German 6 lounge CUP home.
When it comes to the bracket, Vitality will go up against PENTA in their first game, and it will not be an easy task given how impressive Pengu's team is, both in terms of results and of consistency. The French players do however have resources which they will have to dig deep to reach if they want to get the better of PENTA.

"It was unreal !"

Here is what Vitality player Panix had to say about the result of the poll and his goals for the Six Invitational :

"The gathering and the unity of the French community is just incredible. The influencers were on a mission to send us to the Six. It was unreal ! The emotional thrill also had an effect. About the 6, just like any tournament, we're aiming for nothing but TOP1. We don't have the easiest of groups, but I am sure it is doable. We will give everything to make it and reach our goal. Wouldn't the story just be beautiful?"

When it comes to Supremacy, the task is just as arduous, as the French team will come up against Elevate in the first round of the bracket. While Elevate did not break records in 2017, they are still a force to be reckoned with on the scene, and they should be taken very seriously. If they manage to overcome Elevate, they will face either Yeah! Gaming or Black Dragons, neither will be an easy win.

Anyway, both teams will play with a strong feeling, that of proudly representing France at an international event, and will therefore be supported by a whole nation (or at least the Siege community).

It is an honor that was granted to them, and every self-respecting esports French fan will be behind them for the event !

Good luck to them!


Translated by @Chevrotte