The tournament will take place October 27th at the Paris Games Week, and Vitality is one of the teams pre qualified. We have the opportunity to ask a few questions to Zephir, the team's captain.

ESIX : Regarding your complicated season in Pro League, in which state of mind is the team ?

Zephir : We cannot say that we are in the best mood. With Biboo leaving the team before the end of the season, we must work hard hoping to save what can be saved. We have in mind the relegations on November 8th, in order to stay in Pro League. We have twenty more days to give all that we have.

ESIX : You have a good experience with French tournaments, is the 6CUP an occasion to show a better side of yourselves ?

Zephir : LANs have always been our strength, we have the stage experience and it is really important to us to give our best in front of our public, there will be a lot of fans. It has been a long time since we have played in a Best of 3, we cannot wait to be there !

ESIX : The Paris Games Week is an important gathering, the occasion for you to meet your supporters, is it a source of stress or motivation ?

Zephir : It is always a motivation to play in front of our fans, obviously we will be a bit stressed because we did not prepare this competition in the best conditions as I said. I trust my teammates who are dead set on restoring the image of Vitality.

ESIX : The team is criticized at the moment, how do you handle that ?

Zephir : We do not pay attention to criticism. We know our results are not good and there is work to be done. On one hand our coach, Bios, gives us directions to make our gameplay more agressive and faster. On the other hand I base my work of captain on group cohesion, solidarity, and to make efforts for one another.

ESIX : For this tournament, is there a team you are afraid to face ?

Zephir : No.

ESIX : Something to say to your fans ?

Zephir : Thanks for the support in this tough time and together we will get back on our feet !


We thank Zephir for his time, and we wish to the team a powerful come-back !


Follow the 6CUP 2018 at the Paris Games Week in the Hall 3 on the Ubisoft scene or on Twitch and Youtube, October 27th and 28th 2018 with Scok, Furious and Sixquatre !