Hello and thank you for answering our questions.
This is an unusual start of the the Pro League for you. How it is going within the team right now?
Shuttle: We aren’t really worried about Pro League right now. We won our most recent LAN and are at the Major right now, so our focus is on that.
You qualified after winning the Valencia DreamHack after beating a really strong LFO team. How did that feel?
It always feel good to win. Beating Chaos in the Semi-Finals was actually the match that qualified us for the Raleigh Major, so beating a strong LFO team was just the cherry on top.
You are used to this type of events, do you feel any pressure? how do you prepare for such an event?
There’s really no extra pressure. We prepare for events like this by ensuring we have a really productive boot camp and maintain the same style of play we have had since DreamHack Valencia. 
The seeding placed you in a fairly strong group, who do you fear the most?
We fear Cyclops Gaming the most as the last time we faced a top Japanese team, we were caught off guard and almost actually lost. It’s important not to underestimate any teams though, as this is the Major. 
Do you think teams from NA or other regions have evolved and how since the last Major in Montreal? 
Since the last Major, teams from all regions have started to become more aggressive. Teams are playing a lot less strategic, taking a lot more risks.
Lastly, any words for your fans?
Thanks to all of our fans for the support!
Thank you for answering our questions and good luck in the competition!