We can consider them the “best team in France” and one of the best in Europe. Today ESIX met with Crapelle, the coach of Looking for Org!

They are now in 2nd place of the Season 10 EU Pro League and first place of the French League. They will be soon in Raleigh to play one of the most important Rainbow Six Siege competition

To know more about their ascent, their preparation and their futur, ESIX went to question their coach for you.

ESIX : Hello Crapelle, thank you for accepting to answer a few questions for ESIX. To start this interview could you please introduce yourself ?

Crapelle : Hello, my name is Laurent Patriarche, mostly known under my nick “Crapelle”, i am 23 years old and I coach the Pro League team « Looking for Org ».

ESIX : The excellent Pro League Season 9 that you had made it so you are automatically qualified for the Major in Raleigh. Can you comment on the teams qualified ?

Crapelle : When you get into a Major, you only have the biggest teams. There are a few teams that are “less strong” but in general the level is much more homogenous. I think that NiP is coming from a very strong start of Pro League and mentally as well. I am also hoping to see a great G2. I would also like to see Fnatic have a great performance at this Major !

ESIX : According to you, are you ready, right now, for this competition ?

Crapelle : We are coming out of a good start of the season with a few difficulties against Empire and G2. Mentally we are in a pretty good position, but we still have a lot of work to do if we want to get to Raleigh with a level high enough to accomplish our objectives. So, yes we are more or less ready but not ready enough for our ambitions.

ESIX : How does a team like your prepare for such an event ?

Crapelle : We have a very heavy stream schedule and also more theoretical sessions than during the regular season. We prepare our team gameplay as a priority more than individual gameplay. We prefer to focus on ourselves, reinforcing our strengths and fill our weaknesses so we are ready to face any team and not just one in particular. 

ESIX : Your synergy at the time of playing has impressed everyone since you changed the roster. We now see a very successful francophone team, most notably during the Pro League Season X. What do you think is the key to your success ?

Crapelle : A  lot of work, a lot of talks and also a lot of trust. We trust in everyone's abilities and we try to get everyone into the game with the right attitude, being positive and 100% performance oriented

ESIX : Korey recently joined the team, what did he bring ?

Crapelle : He brings a lot of calm and good mood. He still needs a lot of work to get to his full potential but I think that with time he can be an exceptional player. 

ESIX :  We know that every player is important, can you tell us what everyone brings to the team ?

Crapelle : It is difficult to say, everyone bring good and bad sides of themselves. So I am just going to say that Robz bring organization, humor, listening and doing a massive job behind the scene.

ESIX : Are we finally going to see you join a big organization? Where are you at on that front ?

Crapelle : No comments.

ESIX : Lastly, any words for your fans ?

Crapelle : Thank you to everyone who supports us, the support just keep on increasing over time and based on our good performances and we are all really happy to have so many fans. We also thank them for their confidence and for making us win the community vote against G2! Sorry to not have disappoint! (laughs)

ESIX : Thank you very much Crapelle for the honest answers, the ESIX Team wishes you the best for this competition!