They are one of the most well know Rainbow Six Team in the world, they have being at every major event and here they are, ready for the next one. We just met with Necrox, from Evil Geniuses before the Major in Raleigh next week, who accepted to answer some of our questions.

ESIX: Hello everyone, thank you very much for answering our questions and congratulations on qualifying for the US Major in Raleigh. 

Necrox: o/ thank you :)

ESIX: You ended up 2nd at the last Pro League Finals in Milan, which was a great performance, what do you think was needed to reach the top?

Necrox: Its heartbreaking coming so close to winning and letting it go due to miniscule mistakes adding up near the end. I believe if we’re able to perform to the caliber we did during that event and running a tight ship especially in crucial (clutch) situations, then we’ll come out on top.

ESIX: Right now, after the 1st part of the current season of the NA Pro League you are 3rd. How do you feel about this, mostly since you are usually on the top?

NecroxWell seeing as we will be playing every team again once the season commences we arent in a bad spot. We are tied for 2nd and only 1 game away (in points) from first it isn’t too bad of a position to be in, we have climbed back up from much worse in the past I don't see why it wouldn't be possible now.

ESIX: Your 1st matchup will be against LFO, SSG, or NiP,, how will you prepare for it? Was there anyone you would have liked to face first?

Necrox: Statistically we fare pretty well against Brazilian teams and thus far we haven’t lost against a Brazilian team at an international event, so my choice would be NiP.

ESIX: What do you think about the seeding?

Necrox: We once again are in the “death group”... it could be better but I’m confident we’re more than capable of getting out of the groups. 

ESIX: Can you tell us a little bit about your training routine and then during bootcamp? Do you have any team building or extracurricular activities?

Necrox: The “bootcamp” for this major is a little different, each of us have recently relocated to Seattle, WA. Which makes it a lot easier in terms of getting everyone together for daily scrims and preparation for the major; without the previous annoying side effects such as jet-lag. We’re all good friends so there aren’t really any team building exercises, after practice and vod analysis its all up in the air from there

ESIX: You have had the same coach and manager, Gotcha and Peter, for close to 8 months now, what has been their impact?

Necrox: Since we’ve picked up Gotcha the pressure of constantly coming up with new strats or changing our playstyles has been alleviated, which is a tremendous help to this day. Furthermore, Gotcha singles out any potential issues whether its player based or otherwise in order for us to quickly pinch and fix them. And then there is Peter, well he exists, I think that's about it... :D I’m only kidding, Peter has done an astounding job making sure everything outside our game is taken care of. One of the main reasons Geo is able to show up at the major with us is because Peter was at the forefront of Geo’s Visa issues.

ESIX: Any last words for your fans?

Necrox: I hate to sound cliche, but we really appreciate you being with us through thick and thin, we hope we’re able to make you proud at this event. We won’t stop trying to get to the top once again. If you are watching at the event, don't be shy to stop by and say hi. <3


Thank you for answering our questions and we wish you the best in the competition!