Just a few days before the Major in Raleigh we met with Rampy from SpaceStation Gaming who kindly agreed to answer our questions. 

Hello everyone, thank you very much for answering our questions and congratulations on qualifying for the US Major in Raleigh.

ESIX: You are currently in the middle standing of the NA Pro League, how does this feel and how does this prepare you for the US Major?

Rampy: Honestly even though we’re in 5th place I think in the games we tied and our game vs Reciprocity we just made some crucial mistakes that made us tie and that one loss vs REC. So we’ve been working on all these small mistakes coming into the Major. We like being the underdog in matches as well so we’re coming into this event with a lot of confidence.

ESIX: What can you tell us about Fultz joining the team? Why did you pick him and how has the team adapted?

Rampy: It’s known if you saw the Challenger League Season 9 stats he was easily the first or second best player in that league with a +41 as a flex player, roamer , and IGL. Our team has struggled to find a 5th that fits in with our play style. So bringing Fultz on board from Organized Chaos he changed our play style for the better with his aggression, and his great adaptations mid round. Fultz also has the potential to be one of the best players in NA. I say this confidently because of his work ethic, he is always playing siege improving his aim, game sense whatever it is he is working on it, and his drive to win. Whenever we have lost/tied he just wants to go over what went wrong right away and he always watches our matches right after the result to see our mistakes.

ESIX: Daeda also joined fairly recently as analyst. What does he bring? Who was doing this job previously?

Rampy: Daeda brings everything to the table when it comes to statistics. It’s actually insane the stats he shows us and it has helped us a lot when it comes to picking maps/ banning maps also with operator bans. Daeda also is a hard worker so he is constantly working on every team that we will play or will possibly play. So when we didn’t have Daeda, Lycan was doing the analyst work but also all of the head coach work. Lycan couldn’t go full in depth on the statistics either because he also was the head coach so he was just balancing everything the best he could.

ESIX: Your 1st matchup will be against LFO, how will you prepare for it? Was there anyone you would have liked to face first?

Rampy: We will be playing LFO first and honestly I wouldn’t want to play anyone else. Every Time we’ve played LFO/LSE it’s always been a great game to watch/play in. We will prepare like always when a match is coming up, some VOD review and tons of scrimming.

ESIX: What do you think about the seeding?

Rampy: It was definitely different this season when seeding came down to “power rankings” and it came kinda last second so it blindsided all of the teams going to the Major. I’m happy that we were seeded at 3rd in our group.

ESIX: Can you tell us a little bit about your training routine and your day to day life in the team?

Rampy: Well my team is known for constantly scrimming. We scrim 7 days a week and we all play this game outside of scrims so we’re all playing for about 7-10 hours a day. and constantly working at our mistakes, last season(Season 9) the very last game vs Reciprocity we lost on Villa 2-7 and you would’ve thought we would’ve taken a break but the day after we lined up a scrim to fix the mistakes that we made in the match. 

ESIX: Any last words for your fans?

Rampy: Yes, I just want to say thank you to the fans for their constant support through our roster changes and ties. Expect some great games in our group and see you in Raleigh. 


Thank you for answering our questions and we wish you the best in the competition!