He is the In-game Leader of ENCE, a team with many faces. Always qualified for the Pro League LAN since its first edition  but unable to win a single game  in 5 LANs Willkey and his players will have much to do during this quarter-final, tackling the impressive Evil Geniuses. Come back on the state of mind of the Finnish, before the last Year 2 final phase of the Pro League, which will take place in Sao Paulo.


(Credit : R3siak)

How would you explain that you’re the only team to have been at every Pro League LAN ?


I think that our consistency comes from the fact that we keep players at the same role. Staying with the same people as long as you can so that you don’t need to set everything again on a new season. Concentrate on the new meta, the new operators, not starting to do the basic things with new players again. I think it helped us a lot.


Besides, you didn’t win an offline game since Y1S1 ?


Yeah, sadly, it goes that far away. There are no second chances on the finals, there is no loser bracket. So if you have a big off day or someone in your team doesn’t perform it’s so harshly then. When you lose one game and you’re out.


I don’t want a loser bracket or anything, we play everytime time the champion or the second team of a region in the first round, and there’s no easy team on LAN. You just need to really win the first game and yeah it’s hard.


I think part of the reason why online is better is I think we have a good meta and we have a long time to prepare for a game, about one month and a half. Everyone has so much time to build so many things. Maybe other teams are better when they have time and fail when there is little time.

Will you do something unusual this time, is there something you are going to change ?

I think we have been chasing the win a bit too hard, we haven’t been relax. I think we are now going but we don’t have to force it that much, being there, relax, and try to get a good feel and the victory in a relax atmosphere, don’t try to push it too much.


I think it’s actually going to help us more and more, the teams might start to underestimate us at some point. We have lost so many times. It could be a good thing for us to have this losing streak.

Doesn’t this losing streak makes a pressure ad ?


It’s not really pressure it is more frustration. We want to get there to win not to see other people, like, we already know all this. We just want to compete, come on top and bring home the title.

What would you reply to the accusers that complain about a ping advantage from your team ?


It’s just an excuse they make. I think the most famous one calling it is Pengu, and when we practise against Penta we got exactly the same ping as them. So it’s just an excuse they use.

There might have been a moment last year, during the Spring,  the sea cable went from Finland to Germany but it’s not existent anymore.

Why didn't you open to other nationalities ?


Back at the Gifu time we wanted to have a Finnish team that played at the highest level, like on Dota 2 for example. We had good individuals but didn’t have a good lineup until we started to compete with Gifu.

On overwatch there was a team that played for NiP and now plays under the name of Gigantti. They won the European Overwatch contender league. So with them we are the only Finnish team to get such results.

Now, we’ve been taken under the wing of ENCE. Their philosophy is to make Finnish eSport better, so they only want a full Finnish lineup.

Back then I also forces us to have a full Finnish lineup to communicate in split seconds because everyone understands what anyone is saying.

So, we will never see a foreigner player in your roster?

Like I said it’s the philosophy of ENCE, they just want Finnish lineups so we will go with that. But never say never, so maybe in the future.

There may be good Finnish player that doesn’t even compete, that’s why we try to keep a close eye on the young talents and how they are competing in GO4s and open cups. But we will continue with a Finnish lineup.

We’re now going to talk about your quarter-final against EG, twice world champion, that over dominated the NA scene, will we see you in the semis ?


Yeah, of course, we have practised them during the season, and we beat them so we know how they like to play. We’re friends with most of them we play together on EU ranked and NA ranked.

We know the guys and they know us, both teams like to play the same map, both teams have the same map as favourites, so it’s going to be the best team wins.



It is such a hard draw for a quarter-final game, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you have preferred an APAC team ?


There is like no easy teams on LAN, we don’t know about APAC, so I think they’re still easier (e.d. to beat) than the rest of us. Besides an APAC team, if I had to choose a team to play I’d have chosen Evil Geniuses. Cause at least we’ve played with them and against them before, we know what they like to do, we have a lot more to work with than let’s say Brazilian teams.


What I mean is even if we didn’t win the lottery because we didn’t get APAC team, we got the second-best choice for us.

Do you think with the arriving of BKN, we can expect to see EG play like PENTA ?


They still have their own style. Like PENTA they have control and chaos, whereas EG is more strat based. Like Canadian loves to do the strats, even though there are some similarities, they still have their own unique style.


As long as Canadian is there I think they will continue like this. As far as I know BKN is more like a mental coach. Of course he helps with tactics as well but he is more in the mental side, but the role of BKN is different to Shas' at PENTA.

Do you believe a Brazilian team is able to win the finals at home ?


There would need to beat PENTA. Well, maybe they have a higher chance than before, they get more opportunities to adapt to the PENTA play style. Of course it’s a possibility, but if I would have to bet my money I would bet it on PENTA from the other teams. It’s kind of hard to bet on someone other than the twice champion from this year.


We will try, but if I had to say somebody besides us I would say Penta.

Do you have something to finish with ?

I want to thank our French fans if we have any, and hopefully we can give out a huge show during the offline LAN finales.

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