Let's now have a look at YeaH! Gaming. Brazilians recently joined this new organization led by well-known figures in Brazil and worldwide on Counter-Strike. The roster itself is quite young. At the end of season 3, former players of paiN Gaming and INTZ e-Sports gathered to create Lanchonete e Suqueria do xande. Under this name, the team won LATAM qualifier and earned its spot in this Six Invitational.

Your team was created just before the qualifiers and at the beginning it did not go too well until you were able to bounce back. With FaZe Clan, Team Liquid and many others in the running, were you confident you were going to win this qualifier?

Revo1Tz: We had a lot of setbacks at the beginning because of year-end trips and the process to go back to our homes, but as soon as we started training we got great results in a small window of time and with FaZe and Liquid falling out of the competition, we only got more motivated with the highest chance of classification.

At the end, the ladder was just a formality, BRK e-Sports was only able to win one map against you in the final. Is it around that time that you actively seeked an organization?

fk1: By the end of 2017 before we even started qualifying for the invitational we had already closed with YeaH!.

To start off the Six Invitational you will face fellow brazilians from Black Dragons e-Sports. Is it an advantage or a disadvantage to know them so well and vice-versa?

Revo1Tz: I think it's a disadvantage because we had to play a whole qualify until the qualification for the invitational, so they have more material to study our team.

Your group is also composed of the new Counter Logic Gaming and Supremacy. What do you think about this group which is probably the most homogenous one of all?

gCR: I think the group is well balanced and will ensure good games.

Given your group, what is your goal?

SpawNsss: We have great opponents, each one with different qualities, we intend to study in detail the form and play against, and to pass as first of the group without so many difficulties, is not an easy task but we are focused and motivated for it.

Lastly, this will be your first international tournament, is there a team that you would really like to face?

fk1: Maybe we will face CLG, in the last invitational we would play against when they were still Elevate playing for xbox, it would be a very interesting match.

As a reminder, YeaH! Gaming is composed of:

João "yoona" Gabriel 
Guilherme "Revo1Tz" Lima 
Gabriel "gCR" Teixeira 
Lucas "SpawNsss" Bleichvel 
Gabriel "fk1" Bailer 
Igor "igoorctg" Santos  (Coach)

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