Challenger League teams are gradually getting ready for the new season. Following the announcement from Overtime, it is now 3DMAX's turn to recruit a French Challenger league team.

3DMAX are entering the Rainbow Six : Siege scene 4 months after their comeback from a 4-year long break. They have since then also recruited PUBG, Fortnite and Counter-Strike players.

Tryx, Quaal, Nib0rt, BadTrak, Undead, PrimaL and their coach Nouda have given up on the "Sous-Marin" name to join the 3DMAX devils. It is not only their qualification into Challenger League as underdogs that raised eyebrows, it is also the manner in which they qualified.

The players had already proven they deserved a CL spot during DreamHack Valencia. Finishing second only to T3H in the B group of the BOYC bracket allowed them to join the main event.  They did however not manage to make it further than the main group stage as RogueENCE eSports and Charity Nerds (Orgless) were tough competition.

We have had the chance to speak to Undead in order to learn a bit more about the team and this decision.

Some of us in this team have been playing together for almost a year. Our ambition is to make it as far as possible against any team, but we have to stay realistic. The Challenger League is at a very high level this season. The arrival of Nouda as a coach and our latest additions have allowed us to step up significantly. As for the organization, 3DMAX is a emblematic org on the French scene and the professionalism they showed when they contacted us was seducing.

We hope to carry these colours as high as possible, even if the "Sous-Marin" tag will always remain a good memory, including at our qualification to the pro bracket of DreamHack Valencia.

This is how the team lines up :

Ryan "Tryx" Cadrieu
Matthieu "BadTraK" Rodemacher
Robin "Nib0rt" Sénéchal
Romain "Undead" Kruczek
Kevin "PrimaL" Legros
Jordan "Quaal" Leroy