Aherys wrote a detailed tweet earlier today explaining his current situation and announcing he had been kicked from Vires Esport in the process.

The French player, who used to play for Millenium, was part of the line-up from its very beginning a few months back.

Here is the new Vires Esport line up without him :

Kévin "WhiteShark" Henriques 
Christopher "Sinshiro" Carlier 
Vincent "Falko" Baucino 
Christophe "Chaoxys" Soares 
Jean-Baptiste "Hansen" Mace (Coach)

While they are not competing in PL nor in CL this season, they have had opportunities to prove their worth, the latest one being the Gamer's Assembly 2018. An impressive run in the competition took them to fourth place, finishing in front of Team Oplon (PL) and Supremacy (CL).

Aherys is now looking for a new team, while Vires will be looking for a fifth player to represent them in upcoming competitions such as the Coupe de France and next season's Challenger League qualifiers. We wish both them and their ex-player all the best!


Translated by @Chevrotte