Newly arrived on PC (see here), 1UP Esport is already under the spotlight after winning the season 4 of the SixLoungeSeries.
Days after joining the new organization, the ex-Mysterious Monkey, won the german event after a final opposing BUTEO ESPORT and 1UP Esport.
The players from BUTEO had the best start, winning the first map Chalet with an incredible clutch from Pieda. 1UP e-sport strongly reacted to this by inflicting a total defeat to their opponent 5-1 / 5-2 on Consulate and Oregon. The last map Kafe wasn't any harder for 1UP who won it 5-1.
1UP e-sport attest to their great form after winning this SixLoungeSeries.
Here's a reminder of the team's composition.
Lucas "Hungry" Reich 
Tom "Vale" Riede 
Christian "pARAA" Can 
Jan "ripz" Hucke 
Justin "Bolli" Bolliger 
Lasse "Lazzo" Coach