A few weeks after the Major in Paris, Millenium has just announced the arrival of AceeZ. Previously playing for Orgless as an entry fragger, he will now join a well structured organization.


""This change was motivated by a need to renew our team. Falko helped us as a stand in for the Major and we thank him greatly. He was able to show a very strong game and I sincerely hope that he can find a good project. The team wishes him the best. 
There were only a handful of players with the profile that we were looking for in France and some were binded by contracts, therefore, we expanded our search and now we have an international composition. 
It was a natural choice to pick up Maurice (AceeZ) since nowadays he is one of the best individual players in Europe with no contract. We are aware that there will be a lot of work associated with a new language and a new roster. But we are convinced that it is the best solution to get away from a limited french community and finally beat G2 on a regular basis"
Liven, Millenium Team Captain

AceeZ is one of the top EU fraggers with a 1.64 KD during the Pro League Season 8. This will be a great opportunity for the German player to be under an organization as opposed to his previous adventure.

It is worth noting that this player might add some difficulty for the team at the beginning since they will have to communicate in english.

We wish them the best and hope the change will be fruitful!

As a reminder, Millenium 's roster is as follow:


Gaël ''Liven'' Gruyere
Olivier ''Renshiro'' Vendroux
Théophile ''Hicks'' Dupont
Valentin ''risze'' Liradelfo
Maurice "AceeZ" Erkelenz