Known for their past season in Challenger League, the italian team EnD Gaming made a strong impression during the Italian Championship.
They indeed outcompeted the qualifiers in November by winning every game and most noticeably losing a single map. They ended the qualifier against Outplayed on Coastline and Chalet.

The play-offs of the championship were taking place yesterday, opposing EXEAQUO 6th Unit, IGP CHIMERA, HellGaming; and last but not least EnD gaming who attested to their status of favorites by winning the title.
The fight started with EnD Gaming vs EXEAQUO with a score of 2-0 for EnD Gaming on Oregon and Bank with a nice 5-0 on Bank.
The second match was a 2-0 for IGP Chimera againt HellGaming on Coastline and Club House.

The Championship finals finally opposed the favorites EnD Gaming and their runner-up in Italy IGP Chimera in a BO5 match. After the ban phase the selected maps were Oregon, Chalet, Kafe and Coastline but the EnD Gaming won the game in 3 maps only.
They are the winners of a 1300€ cashprize to share within the team, a timely reward days before Christmas.
Here's a reminder of the team composition :
Simone "Alation" Gelsi 
Michael "Hunter" Arfanotti  
Luca "Peak" Lotti 
              Giovanni "sNakj" Murabito    
Mateo "Torok" Belotti    
Marco "Boroz" Traverso