Team CryptiK, the best team from South East Asia was in need of a new player once shingabel left. They were previously known as Tyde or even Team Envy, were able to beat the old eRa Eternity before losing the last two match ups and also qualified for the 2017 Six Invitational. There were high hopes for them after winning fairly easily the South East Asia finals. However, eiNs beat them althought they tried really hard to stay alive during that game and, therefore, were not able, in the end, to win it.


However, we see that this episode did not hinder their ambitions and they are still trying to win a place in their region. In order to consolidate their roster they acquired a few weeks ago, HysterRiX from UniqueMonster, who placed second in the South East Asia Pro League. UniqueMonster were also eliminated in the 1st round of the region's Pro League by mantis FPS. 



After a fairly easy beginning, HysteRiX will face his old teammates for the winner's bracket final of the South East Asia Six Invitational qualifiers. It is a very important match up since only one team will be able to be qualified for the South East Asia final. With HysteRiX leaving the structure and Neojai stopping his career, UniqueMonster acquired ChangTong and WilsoN. They have been playing in their new team for a few weeks now and were able to start the qualifiers very strong.

Here are the two teams that will face in a few hours in this decisive matchup. 


Harri "Quantic" Hong 

Warren "Reveck" Lim 
Glen "Lunarmetal" Suryasaputra 
Adrian "Ysaera" Wui 
Jeremy "HysteRiX" Tan 

Chon "Hyper" Wa Hong 

Chak "Oba" Tsun Li 
Au "OMGbbq" Yeung Wan Hang 


Translated by Cyb3line