Finnish organization ENCE have announced on June 20th that their Rainbow 6 team was finally ready to compete again.

As a reminder, ENCE will not compete in the upcoming season of Pro League as they have been relegated to Challenger League. The team has seen its roster change significantly since they won the Pro League in Year 2 Season 3, as they have since parted ways with SHA77E, Kantoraketti (who both left for PENTA) and Pannari (who will now play for T3H).

After having welcomed Gomfi, ENCE are now welcoming Hungarian player Blas. He was most recently a coach for PENTA in Year 2 Season 3.

Their goal is to come back to Pro League and we wish them the best in their attempt to reach it!

''I’m grateful for the chance and also hyped to play with my friends, help them out and acomplish everything we want together. Honored to play under such a great organisation, ENCE guys rock!''                                                                                                                                                            

As a reminder, this is how ENCE line up :

Niklas ''Willkey'' Ojalainen
Aleksi ''UUNO'' Työppönnen
Jouni ''Bounssi'' Salo
Santino ''Gomfi'' De Meulenaere
Balazs ''Blas'' Kovari


Translated by @Chevrotte