The italian team EnD Gaming just picked up a spot in Challenger League! How did this happen? Let's take a look at it below.

This type of situation sometimes occur due the massive player shuffles. But what type of situation? As you know, in order for a line-up to keep their spot in Pro League or  Challenge League they need to have at least three players that participated during the past season in their current roster.

In this particular case, the arrival of forZe on the Rainbow Six scene occured after they recruited some of the players from Room Factory. However, some of the mandatory conditions to keep their spot in Challenger League were not met: they needed Zahar "PWN3F" Sinyavcev to stay within the team.  In this case,   forZe only has two players from the ex- Room Factory that participated in matches during the previous season.

This is a let down for the forZe organization who was very excited to join Rainbow Six Siege with high expectations (in particular at the national level).

It is with a tweet from BK-201, Community Manager and Admin Rainbow Six, that the news was made public.


So what will happen next?

It is fairly simple, EnD Gaming who ended up third in Challenger League will take the spot from the former Room Factory. As far as forZe is concerned, they will need to wait the next Challenger League qualifiers to be able to come back to the ESL official league.

As a reminder, EnD Gaming 's line up is composed of:

Davide "Fratelli" Federico 
Michael "Hunter" Arfanotti 
Matteo "Torok" Belotti 
Luca "Peak" Lotti 
Simone "Alation" Gelsi 

We wish them "buona fortuna" for their Challenger League season!


Translated by @Cyb3line