Even though they were holding a spot for the upcoming Pro League, jahk’s line up was still without an organization to back them up even though the season was quickly approaching.This lineup was originally called Alpha Republic of Esport and then found a home with Lucky7 Gaming. However, that journey ended based on a dispute between the organization and the players.

After one month of searching, the team is now under an all new Team Oplon. Even though the name is new, the organization is the successor of InFamouS eSport. They emerged in the french competitive scene based on their success with Battlefield 3 in 2012. They even expanded to Call of Duty, League of Legends or World of Tanks with some moderate success before fully shutting down in 2016 due to funding.

On this topic, the manager of the organization, Clément "Aotsuki" Gourichon, declared:

Following some failures with our partners, the search for an organization to represent us fell on me and not on the team. This is how I now join the team as a manager. After many contacts with european and american teams, we decided on Team OPLON who had the most professional attitude. Indeed, Team OPLON has all of the necessary competencies for successfully managing a team and this is why we trust them. We are really proud to join such a recognized organization and such a partnership will guarantee that the team obtains the best conditions for this Pro League season, and upcoming ones as well. As far as travel, we have planned and consulted with Team OPLON to participate in the Gamer’s Assembly, Dreamhack and also the French Cup.

It is then under the name of Team Oplon that jahk and his teammates will play their next Pro League matches:

Cyril "jahk" Renoud 
Wilson "SafHiiZ" Marques 
Rémi "aPPROX" Ayari 
Jonathan "spokeN" Nolasco 
Nicolas "Meechy" Pons 

Razig "DraZ" Abida  (Coach)
Jack "Sparxo" Wright  (Analyst)
Clément "Aotsuki" Gourichon  (Manager)