Before the end of Y2S3, several teams tried to put their team in order with the goal of qualifying for the Six Invitationals. Alpha Republic of Esport was one of them and ended up disbanding with the players wanted to go back from scratch before the beginning of the qualifiers. As for Lucky7 Gaming, they started competing in the open ladder before coming to a sudden stop in the middle of this phase. The line-up didn't have guaranteed spot for the upcoming seasons but ARES still had their Pro League Spot.


Rather than wasting the spot Jonathan "spokeN" Nolasco, Cyril "jahk" Renoud and Wilson "SafHiiZ" Marques decided to team up again. The latter had left them days before their Pro League elimination before bouncing back and joining... Lucky7. This coincidence serves as a bridge between the two former line-ups, the three players being accompanied by Rémi "aPPROX" Ayari who already played for the Lucky7 organization last year. Nicolas "Meechy" Pons was selected to fill the remaining spot after he played for DeathroW during the last French Cup as well as in other french teams. This new roster will enjoy the support of Razig "DraZ" Abida who will reprise the role of coach he was occupying in ARES.

Here is the new composition of the Lucky7 line-up that should appear under the Lucky7 Gaming banner for the Pro League Year 3 Season 1:

Jonathan "spokeN" Nolasco 
Cyril "jahk" Renoud 
Wilson "SafHiiZ" Marques 
Rémi "aPPROX" Ayari 
Nicolas "Meechy" Pons 
Razig "DraZ" Abida   (Coach)