As they have announced on their official website, ESL have decided to bring Major League console competitions to an end.

Not so long ago, at the end of Year 1, Ubisoft announced XBOX Pro League would not be renewed in order for them to focus on PC. As they did not want to make competition disappear on console altogether, they decided to introduce Major League on both XBOX and PS4. While a fair number of teams then decided to let go of their controller and to switch to PC, the competition still remained fierce as a lot of teams fought for the title. The viewership were however far from impressive, which is why, after 4 seasons, ESL are putting an end to Major League.

It’s time to say goodbye! Every good thing has an end and we are sad to announce that there won’t be a new Major League Season for Rainbow Six: Siege. This chapter is closed and we would like to say thank you to each and every player who participated in this league! We appreciate the hard work of all teams and the players during the Qualifiers, Groupstages and in the final Playoffs.

Here is the Hall of Fame of all 4 seasons of Major league:

Season 1 (2017) :
 1st : Team Fallen
 2nd : 1UPeSport
 3rd : 1nFamy
Season 2 (2017) :
 1st : Revolt Gaming
 2nd : 1UPeSport
 3rd : XY
Saison 3 (2017) :
 1st : All4G firstLine
2nd : 1UPeSport
 3rd : Team Enyx


Translated by @Chevrotte