The line up formerly known as Unnamed was officially picked up by Method last Wednesday!

The team is relatively well established on the scene as they are participating in this season's EU Challenger League.
Method is a British organization known mostly for its involvement on World Of Warcraft and they seem to be eager to grow as they have recently also joined the Rocket League scene.

We were able to get a comment from Medhi "Kaktus" Marty about the general sentiment of the team regarding the acquirement my Method.

The feeling of the team is great, more motivated than ever due to us signing with an organisation we admire and respect. Our objective is to qualify for pro league above all else then to focus on the dreamhacks and other events to implant us and Method into the siege scene. A final word is to the fans who support us and watch our games and to Method for having the confidence in us to pick us up as a team.

The current Method roster is:

Tom "TankNinja" Connelly 
Tyler "TangyD" Duong  
Jordan "Jugger"  Stoneham  
Ben "Meadzz" Mead  
Medhi "Kaktus" Marty 
Luke "Kendrew" Kendrew  

Translated by @Chevrotte