Yesterday, Kngz announced his departure from Mindfreak, a team that had surprised many at the Six Invitational. He mentionned internal issues being part of the reason he was dropped. The Australian player did indeed seem to have trouble focusing on the game at various moments of the competition. It showed as early as the first day, where he only achieved a 0.25 Kill/Death ratio against American team Rogue.

The player insists on the fact his performance at the Six Invitational were pivotal to the organization's decision. He however hopes to see them succeed and is grateful for the time he has spent within the team.

We wish both him and Mindfreak all the best in the future!

As a reminder, this is how the Mindfreak roster now lines up:

Etienne ''Magnet'' Rousseau
Jason ''Lusty'' Chen
Matthew ''Acez'' McHenry
Ethan ''RizRaz'' Wombwell
Nicholas ''Punisher'' Stefanou  (substitute)

Translated by @Chevrotte